Dec 19

Cancer care that’s making a difference on the Outer Banks

There have been more discoveries about cancer in the past two decades than ever before. And managing a diagnosis continues to improve with targeted approaches.
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Nov 2

Younger patients need a special, child-friendly experience

We know that standard medical talk can be scary for young people. That’s why we speak in kid-friendly terms to help calm children when it comes time for things like “owies” and “special computers that show your heartbeat.”

Sep 26

Comprehensive rehabilitation therapy under one roof

The new comprehensive rehab facility at The Outer Banks Hospital offers a variety of medical services under one roof. They include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and balance therapy.

Aug 15

Building a dementia-friendly community on the OBX

When the purple seashorse symbol is displayed, the business or organization has undergone training to learn how to identify someone with dementia and provide a senstive environment.

Jun 25

Ladies, it’s time to speak up for your own health!

One of the best ways to speak up is to bring a list of things you want to talk about during your visit. What we find is that patients who come in with only a mental list forget to mention many of their important concerns.

May 15