Jan 23

Outer Banks birding: Owls are awesome, misunderstood

Their eerie calls raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Their flight is dead silent and the strikes on their prey are swift and lethal. Mysterious for sure, and considered evil by many - the stuff that legends are made of.

Jan 10

OBXer’s Getaway: Hoping Turks and Caicos bounce back

The islands were ripped by Hurricane Maria and Jose, but we plan to to return in February. We’ve been assured that everything will be in order and that Club Med has seen some upgrades.

Dec 30

What's Happening at J.J. Brewbaker's

January Take Home Special

Monday, Jan 1 1:00 am-Wednesday, Jan 31 11:00 pm

J.J. Brewbakers

J.J. Brewbaker’s


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September’s a magical month for OBX birds

September marks the real start of fall migration and the birds are plentiful. Many still retain some of their summer plumage at this stage of migration. In later months, the migrating males show less plumage.

Sep 14

Lost Colony Vintner’s Dinner features classic food, wine

Combining a love of history with outstanding wine and cuisine, the first Lost Colony Vintner’s Dinner is this Friday at Duck Woods Country Club. That's followed by the Wine and Culinary Festival at The Lost Colony on Saturday.

Sep 25

Short film ‘Limitless’ captures the soul of surfing

Logan Marshall’s 22-minute film shown Friday night at the Dare County Arts Council’s Surfalorus Film Fest, perfectly captures a thought or philosophy that doesn’t have to be profound, but has a coherent, clear message that comes through.

Sep 25