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What’s Your “New Day’s” Resolution?

The Outer Banks Hospital’s Center for Healthy Living Many of us have great intentions for the new year. Resolutions with lofty goals around weight loss, smoking cessation, and increased exercise…

Nov 2

Staying One Step Ahead of a Cancer Diagnosis

Because The Outer Banks Hospital (TOBH) has proven its ability to solve complex community health challenges, the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and Pfizer have awarded a grant that…

Aug 27

OBX Hospital: Creating opportunity in our community

The Outer Banks Hospital is committed to supporting local students in their pursuit of rewarding careers. So the hospital created a scholarship for students enrolled in College of The Albemarle’s Surgical Technology Program.

Jul 9

Slow down and enjoy the slow-food movement

Something that has helped me slow down and focus is considering how what I’m looking at was made and the effort that went into it. It’s mind-blowing to consider how many people worked all along the chain for me.

May 21

May 3

Author of ‘Children’s Nature Series’ reaches new milestone

Suzanne Tate, author of the best-selling Children's Nature Series, has just reached a new milestone! Published last week, Tommy Tuna: Tale of A Big Fish, illustrated by James Melvin, marks number 40 in Tate's series!

May 2