Stories by Peter Hummers

Stream On: Drama Queens…and a King

The Tudors The Tudors (2007-2010) begins with a bang — the 1510 assassination of King Henry VIII’s uncle in Urbino, almost sparking a war with France. Not a family-friendly show,…

Sep 13

Stream On: American turning points

The history of our country provides countless stories fit for dramatization, stories that fill out lesser-known narratives, like our lesser-known streaming TV choices. These series take epochal figures and events…

Aug 30

Stream On: Original series from Amazon and Netflix

In the previous millennium, Netflix was the company that mailed DVD rentals to their subscribers and Amazon was a growing online book store. Times have changed, and these companies are…

Aug 24

Stream On: Inspectors, not detectives, on British TV

Last time we watched some series from legendary authors Elmore Leonard and TV’s David Milch. Today we’ll consider others derived from timeless writers, but across the pond: Sir Arthur Conan…

Aug 15

Stream On: David Milch and gritty police dramas

In the 1970’s, a Yale Law undergraduate who had enrolled for a draft deferment had a difference of opinion with the local police over said undergraduate’s blowing the lights from…

Aug 7

Stream On: So much TV – so little time, part one

Back in the Day, you would turn on the TV and usually end up watching the least objectionable programming you could find. Times have surely changed; now we turn on the TV and find ourselves in the middle of the largest candy store in the world. So, what’s to watch?

Jul 31