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Gasoline on Ocracoke still available at Anchorage Marina

Ocracoke islanders are not totally without access to gasoline while the pumps are off at Ocracoke Station, as those wanting to fill up their vehicles can purchase gasoline at the Anchorage Marina.

Jan 31

Ocracoke’s only station out of gas until at least Tuesday

The pumps at Ocracoke Station were shut off Friday after they ran out of fuel. The owner, who was in the hospital last week, has been battling equipment damage from Hurricane Matthew and a resulting dispute with an insurance company.

Jan 29

‘Chicken run’ thwarted on Ocracoke-to-Swan Quarter ferry

Stories abound about cats hitching inadvertent rides under vehicle hoods, but Ocracoke islander Kate McNally may have dibs on the first known chicken hitching a ferry ride.

Jan 21

They’re back! Snowy owls return to the Outer Banks

Birders by the hundreds are already altering their schedules for a trip to the Outer Banks, now that snowy owls have shown up again in North Carolina, including in the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Dec 26

No one hurt after fire damages Ocracoke souvenir shop

The fire broke out in the space above the Pirates’ Chest souvenir shop at the corner of Irvin Garrish Highway and Back Road early Wednesday afternoon. What caused the fire was still under investigation.

Nov 30

Steering panel discusses passenger ferry fares, promotions

The group will be meeting every other month to get updates and provide input on the passenger ferry service between Hatteras and Ocracoke villages that is scheduled to begin service sometime next summer.

Oct 25

End-of-season maintenance causing some ferry cancellations

Required maintenance of the state ferry fleet has been responsible for several recent cancellations of scheduled runs to and from Ocracoke. The M/V Sea Level also bumped bottom last week and damaged a propeller.

Oct 18

Hyde Co. emergency services head deployed to Puerto Rico

Hyde County Emergency Services Director Justin Gibbs is on his way to Puerto Rico to help with the Hurricane Maria recovery efforts as part of a 10-member team from North Carolina that departed from Raleigh Tuesday morning.

Oct 12

Hyde County asks Ocracokers to join PCL restitution claim

Hyde County officials say the company building the new Bonner bridge is willing to come to the table and talk about a restitution settlement for Ocracoke’s losses during the week-long power crisis that closed the island.

Aug 8

Ocracoke: Backup power working, more generators sought

By Saturday afternoon, the entire island had received power, but residents were restricted to using it only for refrigerators and fans to see how much of a load they drew

Jul 30

Ocracoke will have a ringside seat for total solar eclipse

When the “Great American total eclipse of the sun” occurs on Aug. 21, Ocracoke will have a ringside seat to view it almost in its entirety. According to news sources, barring a cover of clouds, the eclipse will be visible over a small portion of western North Carolina beginning at 2:33 p.m. As it continues […]

Jul 17

Return to shorter Hatteras ferry route faces strong currents

If the short ferry route between Ocracoke and Hatteras can ever come back, it will take a dedicated task force and probably many years. Conditions have only gotten worse in the past three years

Apr 17