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Hidden gems: Ocracoke Island’s live oak trees you don’t see

Easily seen along Howard Street and frequently photographed, these famous oaks receive their accolades. Secreted away in the hidden backyards, dirt lanes and dead-end paths are the hidden gems, the “other oaks of Ocracoke.”

Nov 19

Volunteers needed to help find cold stunned sea turtles

The Network for Endangered Sea Turtles is seeking volunteers interested in helping patrol for and/or transport turtles that wash up during the fall and winter months, and will hold an informational training meeting Saturday in Ocracoke.

Nov 15

Tolls resume on Swan Quarter and Cedar Island ferry routes

Toll collection on the Cedar Island and Swan Quarter routes was suspended during Hurricane Florence, but now that the free Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry route has reopened to the public, tolling on the long routes has resumed.

Oct 1

Ocracoke trams make early debut during limited ferry service

Hyde County put the trams into service to accommodate walk-on ferry riders who might not be able to reserve a vehicle slot on the Swan Quarter or Cedar Island routes, which are on limited schedules.

Sep 24

Ocracoke spared major damage from Hurricane Florence

Whereas catastrophic damage has occurred in much of eastern North Carolina and more to come inland with heavy rain and river flooding from Hurricane Florence, Ocracoke had a surprisingly quiet night and the worst may be over.

Sep 14

As last ferries leave, some Ocracokers stay and wait for Florence

The last ferry departed Wednesday morning, leaving around 200 residents who are going to weather the storm. With Florence’s new altered westerly path, many don't think the island will get nearly as much flooding or damage.

Sep 12

Knapp Early College principal named new Hyde superintendent

Steve Basnight, currently principal of J.P. Knapp Early College High School in Currituck, will assume his new duties as the head of Hyde County's school system on Oct. 27 upon the retirement of current superintendent Randolph Latimore, Sr.

Sep 10

Caught in a rip current: A frightening event teaches a lesson

The waves just kept crashing on top of me, but never moving me forward. How odd! Turning sideways and pulling toward the side left me vulnerable to being overturned by waves, which was scary, and very tiring.

Sep 3

Analysis: The passenger ferry and the season of uncertainty

With completion of the M/V Ocracoke Express delayed until this fall, it will be just another normal summer traveling to Ocracoke. This is a good thing, according to The Ocracoke Observer, so the new service can be tested first.

Jun 24

Ocracoke Station shuts down, gas still available on the island

Citing continued financial difficulties, the operators of Ocracoke Station have closed their doors. But fuel is still available from the only vehicle gas station on Ocracoke Island via card purchases, 24-hours-a-day.

May 26

Hatteras-Ocracoke passenger ferry service pushed back to 2019

The shipbuilder in Hubert constructing the Ocracoke Express has had trouble finding enough skilled workers, especially certified marine welders, which has led to production delays for the 98-passenger vessel.

May 20

Meetings set to discuss power outage lawsuit settlement

Attorneys handling the $10.35 million settlement with PCL Constructors from last summer’s week-long power outage will be on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands Tuesday and Wednesday to provide information about the claims process.

May 12