Stories by Kip Tabb

Review: Mustang Rock & Roast – Two days of too great music

Two days of nonstop music, one day of steamed oysters and one day of barbecue. That, however, does not come even close to describing what made the two day musical festival in Corolla so special.

Oct 18

Crabdaddy celebrates bounty from Currituck waters and vines

A crowd of around 750 from all over the region spread out across the north lawn of the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg on Saturday to celebrate, and partake in the crabs and wine that are putting Currituck County on the map of foodies and oenophiles.

Sep 24

Mojo Collins at his best — ‘New Gladitude’

Mojo Collins loves the blues, and he plays it as well as anyone. In a career spanning more than 55 years, though, he’s picked up a lot of influences, and in New Glatitude, his latest recording, it all comes together.

Sep 19

A different frame of mind: The Mojo Collins story

Mojo Collins hasn’t been seem much around the Outer Banks this summer. Not by choice, but by  necessity. He had a heart attack while performing at the Tap Shack in Duck over Memorial Day weekend

Sep 19

Tshombe Selby, La Traviata and the Journey Home

  Returning to the Outer Banks as the lead tenor in the tragic opera La Traviata on Saturday, September 15, Tshombe Selby is coming back to where his journey began. The journey has taken him from Manteo, where he grew up, to Elizabeth City State University where he studied vocal performance and finally to Manhattan […]

Sep 7

Village Table & Tavern debuts with casual dining, great sunsets

Created by the same people who brought Trio Wine Beer, & Cheese to the Outer Banks, Village Table and Tavern in Duck is finally open at Nor'Banks Sailing and Watersports.

Aug 11

OBCF co-founder Adams has lived a lifetime of ‘putting back’

The Adams Family Fund for Animals was established last year to provide grants to nonprofit organizations that work with animals, with an emphasis on groups that provide shelter for dogs with the goal of finding them a permanent home.

Aug 6

Indiana man on personal watercraft mission stops along OBX

His first trip was back in 1995 down the Mississippi River, that time to raise money for diabetes research. The latest is for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the second time he's dedicated his efforts to the organization.

Jul 21

New film ‘Outer’ highlights best of Outer Banks surf culture

The photography, the interviews, the editing, the theme, everything about Logan Marshall’s second film, Outer, shows the touch of a filmmaker who is mastering his craft.

Jul 18

Mustang Meltdown: Hot music on a cool evening

When local reggae band Sensi Trails took the stage, it was immediately apparent that this would be a night of great music. If there was a revelation or a highlight of the event, it was the power, musicianship and creativity of Sensi Trails.

Jul 11

TobyMac and the DiverseCity Band: Feeling the music

TobyMac is usually described as a hiphop artist, but that description falls far short of the exceptional performance Wednesday night. Some of his songs are hiphop, but there are also ballads and elements of blues and jazz.

Jul 1

Maestro of the Morning: First Flight High’s Miss Pat retires

Early morning is pure chaos at a high school. In the midst of the maelstrom, Miss Pat answers the phone as though it’s the only task before her, tells the parent the lunch will get to their child and always talks to the students first.

Jun 19