Stories by Kip Tabb

A variety of sounds featured at first Summer Send-Off

Presented by Mike Dianna’s Bearded Face Productions, a portion of the proceeds from the show goes to the Mustang Music Outreach Program that helps kids learn how to play and perform music.

Sep 5

New World Festival of the Arts was again a delight

Stretched along the Manteo marina almost to the Maritime Museum, the 70-plus booths in this year's New World Festival of the Arts put an amazing array of creativity on display.

Sep 3

Surfing for Autism is a celebration of Outer Banks community

More than 90 families enjoyed near perfect wave conditions during the annual event at Jennette's Pier in Nags Head on Saturday, giving their children a chance to experience something most take for granted.

Aug 16

ZoSo is a fitting tribute to the great Led Zeppelin

Playing at Roanoke Island Festival Park, the band that is certainly the best Led Zeppelin tribute band around carried the audience back to a time of longer hair, granny glasses and a full beard.

Aug 15

Science behind Shelly Island says it won’t be around long

Witnessing an island rising from the sea is awe-inspiring, even if the island is a sandbar and may be temporary. And if not a rare phenomenon, the size of Shelly Island off Cape Point at the tip of Cape Hatteras is exceptional.

Aug 14

Numbers crunch: OBX license plates are out of space

According to John Brockwell, NCDMV Communications Officer, through June of this year the OBX license plate numbers had reached 93,500 since the plates were first issued in December, 1999.

Jul 7

New super says people are key to performance

John Farrelly says that having all the resources and programs can only go so far if a school system doesn't have the people and a community that can affect learning, know how to invest in the process and do the work.

Jul 6

Two years after fire, Brindley rebuilds in splendid style

What that vision created is a building unlike any other on the Outer Banks. With its colonnades running around the exterior and a wide, welcoming veranda, the building has a distinctly British Colonial or Caribbean feel.

Jul 2

The Lost Colony celebrates 80 years and is still a must see

When Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paul Green wrote the script, the hope was for a successful season and that it would bring some tourists to Roanoke Island in the depths of the Great Depression. It still is eight decades later.

Jun 21

Review: Hidden gems highlight Mustang Spring Jam

Festivals are famous for discovering hidden gems, for bringing attention to a new band or group or one that has been around for a while but hasn’t gotten the notoriety or the headliners. That was certainly the case at the Mustang Spring Jam.

May 24

Classic music and timeless political satire in HMS Pinafore

In an outstanding performance by the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players Sunday evening at First Flight High School, the timeless genius of Gilbert and Sullivan came alive on the stage.

May 11

Symphony ends OBX Forum season on high notes

From the first notes of a rousing and inspirational Star Spangled Banner to the final notes of the Radetzky March by Johann Strauss, the concert at First Flight High School was an outstanding evening of music.

May 4