Stories by Jo Ann Hummers

Addictions: Problems with prescription opioids

The Center for Disease Control recognizes some confusion about the safety of prescription opioids. They have written this piece in an effort to clarify the issues.

Nov 1

Addictions: Avoiding the risks

The Centers for Disease Control recognizes the usefulness of pain medications. They also understand the risk of not understanding the risks. They discuss how to avoid them below: Prescription opioids…

Oct 5

Addictions: What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug used by many people recreationally and its use has been legalized in several states. It has positive properties as well as being problematic for some…

Sep 15

Addictions: You Can Help Prevent an Overdose!!

With a current climate of deep concern about people overdosing with opiates (heroin or prescription opioid pain medications), it seems important that people are informed about the medication Narcan/ Naloxone.…

Aug 17

Addictions: How to Properly Dispose of Unused Medicines

Medications which are expired or are no longer needed have become a public safety issue. Though there are several ways to dispose of unused medications, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)…

Aug 7