Stories by Jeff Lewis

Birdwatching on the Outer Banks: Love is in the air!

This is the month birders have been waiting for. Northbound neo-tropical songbirds are passing through, migrant shorebirds are in their finest breeding plumage and local birds are singing and nesting all around us.

May 7

April birding on the Outer Banks: What’s your favorite bird?

Outer Banks birding columnist Jeff Lewis says there are many reasons to like birds: their beauty, grace, speed, behavior, personality, song and of course – they can fly! Well, most of them anyway.

Apr 9

March birding: Fewer species but time to prep the feeders

The number of new birdwatching species declines, but there's still a few lingering winter birds and some early migrants to see in March. And it's a good time to clean out those feeders and stock on seed for spring migration and nesting season.

Mar 10

February’s wind and cold temps draw some great birds

February may be cold and windy, but that's just what many bird species love. From offshore to the beach, and inland to our sounds, lakes, and woodlands, different and sometimes rare species visit the Outer Banks.

Feb 5

Outer Banks birding: Owls are awesome, misunderstood

Their eerie calls raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Their flight is dead silent and the strikes on their prey are swift and lethal. Mysterious for sure, and considered evil by many - the stuff that legends are made of.

Jan 10

December means new birds and Christmas birds counts

December brings more species to our area, especially in impoundments, sounds and the ocean. It's also a time for citizen-science projects such as the annual Christmas Bird Counts.

Dec 5