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Removal of the dilapidated Frisco Pier will be complicated

The initial staging process of the Frisco Pier removal project has begun, but dismantling and tearing down the pier will not be a quick undertaking. The project has to be finished by early May when turtle season starts.

Dec 7

Construction of Rodanthe bridge still set to start in March

Despite a pending lawsuit filed by property owners, the N.C. Department of Transportation is still planning for construction of the "jug handle" bridge bypassing Mirlo Beach and S-Turns on the soundside to start in early 2018.

Dec 2

Hatteras museum director, famed painting on Travel Channel

The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum and director Joseph Schwarzer will appear in an episode of “Mysteries At The Museum” about the centuries-old mystery of Theodosia Burr Alston and the famed “Nags Head Portrait.”

Nov 30

Overnight fire destroys vacation home in Rodanthe

The blaze, which is believed to have started outside, destroyed an occupied vacation home on North Holiday Boulevard early Monday. The renters escaped unharmed and no serious injuries were reported.

Nov 20

Interim concrete bridge on Pea Island opens to traffic

The nearly half-mile long span of the area breached by Hurricane Irene opened to one-lane traffic late Tuesday, with both lanes of N.C. 12 expected to be on the concrete bridge by the weekend.

Nov 14

Video: New bridge on Pea Island opening in November

Paving work has started on each approach to the bridge over the breach cut by Hurricane Irene in 2011, and what will be named the Captain Richard Etheridge Bridge is expected to open sometime in November.

Oct 31

For first time in years, Cape Point was accessible all summer

Though Cape Point was technically closed for almost two hours in July when unexploded ordnance washed ashore on the Shelly Island sandbar, the beach otherwise remained open for ORVs.

Oct 16

Optimism, lingering questions at Dare waterways meeting

A survey conducted Friday showed little change to the dredged areas of Hatteras Inlet since the last survey was performed on Sept. 20. Current funding should cover at least one more cycle of maintenance dredging at Hatteras Inlet.

Oct 11

Hatteras Medical Center shuts down without warning

The clinic, which opened in 2012, announced it was closing immediately, but no reason was given for the decision. The office will be open Monday and Wednesday through Nov. 8 to help with medical record transfers.

Oct 11

Storm rearranges new island off the Point on Hatteras

Maria has rearranged the sandbar, which became an item of national fascination after it appeared off Cape Point earlier this year. One end now connects to the rest of the Point, and the other is isolated and noticeably offshore.

Sep 29

Irma builds bridge between Hatteras Point and Shelly Island

The part where Shelly Island is connecting is at the southwest corner, or the westernmost part of the sandbar, although it appears as if the entire formation is noticeably closer to the rest of The Point.

Sep 20

Hatteras Island nearly a ghost town after Saturday evacuation

Hatteras Island wasn’t quite a ghost town on Saturday afternoon after a 6:00 a.m. evacuation of visitors, but it certainly didn’t seem like a typical July atmosphere either.

Jul 30