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For 10 years, trails have served as gateways to natural world

There are some 1.1 million acres of protected land surrounding the state’s birding trails, land that can offer both the casual hiker and avid birder a chance to experience something remarkable.

Nov 5

While a new island grew, southern Hatteras was shrinking

While the sandbar known as Shelly Island rapidly grew off The Point this year, the southern tip of Hatteras Island continued to be eaten away. Hatteras Inlet has consumed 1.5 miles of the spit since Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Nov 1

Burr tunes in to problems at Mattamuskeet, surrounding Hyde

While traveling in the northeastern corner of the state, Burr took a detour to hear Hyde’s concerns about federal support for flood mitigation, hurricane recovery and restoration of Lake Mattamuskeet’s watershed and lodge.

Oct 30

The other lost colony: Colington settlement failed in the 1600s

Colingotn Island is named for Sir John Colleton, Baronet of England, who was first to claim ownership of the island and one of the eight Lords Proprietors who were granted almost all of the lands south of Virginia by Charles II.

Oct 10

Unexpected numbers of turtles found during nourishment

Since the late May start of the re-nourishment project in Duck until the end of July, 66 turtles had been safely scooped up by trawlers that clear the area in front of the working dredge to prevent incidental capture.

Sep 10

Appeal period begins for debated flood insurance maps

North Carolina partnered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to produce the updated FIRMs so that property owners could better understand their flood risks

Aug 18

An unsavory summer recipe: How to make an algal bloom

Blue-green algae is a simple organism and its needs aren’t all that complex: A little heat, water, sunshine, mix in some sort of nutrient and you have an algal bloom.

Jul 25

Cooper vows to lead fight against offshore drilling, testing

Gov. Roy Cooper cited the threat to the “robust coastal economy” from proposed offshore drilling and seismic exploration for oil and natural gas off the state’s coast and pledged to lead the renewed fight against it.

Jul 22

Surfing scientists blend two passions into wave-forecast tool

A new surf-prediction model developed by a partnership of two coastal scientists and a computer engineer promises to revolutionize the accuracy and efficiency of surf forecasting, long regarded as notoriously challenging and unreliable.

Jul 19

Verdict on red wolf program expected by the end of the year

The fate of red wolves could be settled by year’s end, when wildlife managers are expected to finish reconsiderating the management of the endangered predator in the wilds of northeastern North Carolina.

Jul 14

Lawmakers leave sand, dredging, bag ban bills hanging

The measures include coastal stormwater changes, the creation of a new coastal storm damage mitigation fund to pay for beach re-nourishment, new dredging plans and repeal of the plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks.

Jul 5

Seismic searches for offshore oil and gas are back in play

Last week, the National Marine Fisheries Service proposed to issue five permits that would allow the oil and gas industry to conduct seismic surveys for oil and natural gas off the East Coast from the New Jersey/Delaware border to Florida.

Jun 19