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States, U.S. House Dems file bills to block offshore drilling

Seven Democrats in the House each introduced anti-drilling measures last Monday, the same day that lawmakers from nine states filed bills in their legislatures blocking or limiting new drilling off their coasts.

Jan 14

Bertie land possibly tied to Lost Colony now under state control

The new Salmon Creek State Natural Area in Bertie County covers nearly 1,000 acres and is the subject of archaeological research by the First Colony Foundation, which has found artifacts dating the 1580s

Jan 7

Rules change will allow more leeway to move shifting sand

Changes to state sand dune rules adopted in late 2018 and now awaiting final state approval would allow oceanfront land owners greater flexibility to relocate wind- and storm-driven sand on their property.

Jan 4

Governors, attorneys general join fight against seismic testing

“In moving to intervene on the side of the organizations, the attorneys general are seeking to file their own complaint on behalf of their respective states," an announcement by East Coast attorney's general said.

Dec 28

Coastal Resources Commission adopts sandbag rule changes

With the final adoption of amendments to sandbag rules during the Coastal Resources Commission meeting in November, some difficulties should be eased for waterfront property owners and Division of Coastal Management staff.

Jan 6

Disaster declaration OK’d for fishing industry storm damage

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has granted Gov. Roy Cooper’s request for a disaster declaration related to damage from Hurricane Florence to the state's fishing industry. The storm destroyed boats, gear and buildings.

Dec 11

Climate change, cities magnify torrential storms, studies say

The first paper simulated how 15 historically destructive hurricanes across the globe would have developed in different scenarios: pre-industrial, modern and three potential late-21st century climates.

Dec 6

Lake Mattamuskeet restoration plan to be unveiled Monday

After two years of development, the final Lake Mattamuskeet Watershed Restoration plan will be unveiled during a public symposium hosted by the North Carolina Coastal Federation on Monday in Englehard.

Dec 2

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Lawmakers back in Raleigh to review storm-relief needs

The General Assembly is expected to consider another storm-relief spending package, including infrastructure and agriculture assistance, along with a law requiring photo ID to vote after a constitutional amendment was approved by voters.

Nov 27

Judge: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service violated laws on red wolves

A federal judge ruled Monday that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service violated provisions of the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act in its rollback of protections of red wolves in eastern North Carolina.

Nov 7

Federation asks Corps to fast track permits for living shorelines

While the state is offering expedited permitting for coastal property owners who need to replace bulkheads damaged by Hurricane Florence, the N.C. Coastal Federation wants to make it easier to consider a more natural alternative.

Oct 18

Coastal Review Online from Down East: ‘We have work to do’

Sunrise revealed broken or toppled trees had penetrated homes, mangled trucks and cars and stretched or snapped power lines every so many doors up and down each street.

Sep 20