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New state law touted as a big boost for shellfish farming

This year’s bill includes a scaled-down pilot project in Pamlico Sound with three, 50-acre leases. While the potential conflicts with other users was part of the objections over last year’s failed aquaculture legislation, the biggest hitch was over the size of the leases.

Jul 1

Lighthouse move: 20 years ago, skeptics said it couldn’t be done

When the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was completed in 1870, it was 1,500 feet from the ocean. But after a century of tides washing over the island, moving sand from oceanside to soundside, just 120 feet separated the lighthouse from the ocean.

Jun 25

Legislation proposes three-year ban on new wind farms

Senate Bill 377, currently a stand-alone bill, cleared the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday and will go through two more committees before reaching the Senate floor. The bill also would need House approval

Jun 10

Team seeks elusive and endangered seabird off Cape Hatteras

The black-capped petrel is somewhat of a mystery. A pelagic bird, it spends most of its time at sea, searching for food in warm waters. Once it was one of the most common petrels in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic seaboard.

May 30

Despite setback, Brown to press on with bill limiting wind farms

The Senate will take another look at a controversial bill that would make wind energy development nearly impossible in much of eastern North Carolina, according to the bill’s main sponsor.

May 27

Manatee sightings in N.C. linked to recovery efforts in Florida

If the manatee population continues to grow and pregnant females return with their calves teaching them of the region’s ample summer food supplies, North Carolina could become a significant summer feeding area for Florida manatees.

May 16

New tsunami research rides on waves along the East Coast

Scientists looked at the water level records between 1996-2017 from 125 tide gauges along the eastern seaboard and found nearly 550 meteotsunamis had occurred in that 22-year period, including one during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

May 13

Atlantic offshore drilling put on hold by Interior Department

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt told The Wall Street Journal the department is waiting for decisions on appeals of a court order blocking offshore drilling in the Arctic before proceeding with drilling plans for the Atlantic.

Apr 25

Bill would bar wind farms from most coastal N.C. counties

The state senator who authored the now-expired moratorium on wind energy development in North Carolina has offered a “compromise” bill he says will alleviate risks to military training.

Mar 28

Study dispels argument that red wolves are coyote hybrids

Disparaged by some critics of the red wolf conservation program as “coy-wolves” unworthy of federal species protection, the red wolf now has official scientific backing that it is indeed its own separate wolf species.

Mar 29

Lawmakers taking another look at shelfish farming rules

The new bill would allow permitted shellfish nursery operators to, under certain times and conditions, transplant seed oysters and seed clams from areas where harvesting is otherwise prohibited or restricted.

Mar 25

Fight against seismic testing ramps up with another legal action

A group of conservation organizations this week asked a federal judge to block the start of any seismic exploration for oil and natural gas off the East Coast until after a pending legal challenge is heard in court.

Feb 21