Stories by Audra Krieg

Outer Banks Mom: Sending balloons to heaven

Every Outer Banks local and every Outer Banks vacationer has a story about why this place matters so much to them. Because of this, we have many celebration of life ceremonies and gatherings here on our beaches.

Apr 16

Outer Banks Mom: Trashion Show and Beach Cleanups

Our sponsors are spending the next week cleaning the beach and then they are getting crafty to create an outfit out of the things they find during a beach cleanup. They will work the runway wearing their very own handcrafted outfits.

Apr 2

Outer Banks Mom: Taste of the Beach, fun for the family

Have you ever attended this epic week of food and fun on the Outer Banks? Every event on the schedule sounds amazing and we’re so excited to kick it all off on March 29 at 5 p.m. at the Soundside Event Site in Nags Head.

Mar 14

Outer Banks Mom: Mom owned and locally loved

It’s been so much fun to experience new places with our family and friends. Notably, we've had some amazing Moms putting the "Mom" into the local Mom and Pop shops.

Mar 8

Outer Banks Mom: Taking a vacation from Vacationland

The first few years here we hustled and saved our pennies everywhere we could. Our “vacations” were non-existent and our schedules were filling up with the average daily chores and career stresses. We were burning out.

Feb 27

Outer Banks Mom: The power in reviews

I think it’s so important to take a complaint directly to a business owner or manager and exercise that avenue before you make an online post or review that won’t likely even make it to a manager in order to help improve future service.

Feb 16

Outer Banks Mom: Memories are made here

We still love to take our kiddos crabbing off of the wooden docks in Corolla. The same roar of laughter erupts from my children, and it instantly takes me back to the days I went crabbing as a kid.

Feb 6

Outer Banks Mom: Goodbye OBX winter, hello OBX spring!

So, y'all, if the cold winter can bring as much joy and as many memories as it does, then imagine how good this spring is going to be! What is your favorite Outer Banks season?

Mar 19

Outer Banks Mom: Spanish immersion and my daughter

It’s a big week on the Outer Banks! If you have a rising Kindergartener in Dare County, then you may be gearing up for a Spanish Dual-Immersion meeting at their future school.

Jan 22

Outer Banks Mom: Self care and seaglass

We sat at the light waiting to leave the shopping plaza and saw a young woman waiting to cross the busy bypass. As the “walk” sign lit up, a minivan turned just as she approached the middle of the two lanes. The van hit her and drove off.

Jan 12

Outer Banks Mom: Here’s a high five to teachers

I’d like to raise a glass to the teacher who has handled the teenage banter from 8:00am to 3:15pm. Let’s air-hug the teacher who has assisted in tiny meltdowns, big problems and lost homework sagas.

Jan 2

Outer Banks Mom: The age of the entrepreneur

In a community as tight knit and small as ours, it is pretty amazing to see people supporting their neighbors and friends in their business ventures but if you look a little closer, you will find that the inspiration doesn’t stop with other adults.

Dec 11