Aug 21

The Cookshak-The OBX finally has its own ‘chicken joint’

When it comes to food, the Outer Banks enjoys choices from two distinct culinary traditions. As a coastal resort, seafood has always played a leading role with local as well as Caribbean themed dishes (a…

Aug 19

Rosie Hawthorne’s Recipes: A Taste of Summer

You know it’s summer when your kitchen counters are covered with vine-ripened tomatoes freshly picked from your garden.  You’ve waited all year for this. You’ve suffered through those tasteless, insipid, and soulless imposters throughout the…

Aug 17

The Chef Files


Chef Files: Mark Shafer, Sandbars Raw Bar & Grill

I started washing dishes at 15 just to make some money to get a car and take out girls. Then I was working at Chili’s while going to school to be a teacher. That really taught me the back end of the restaurant business.

Apr 2


The Chef Files: Joey Russo, Russo’s Bistro & Bar

This edition of The Chef Files from the Outer Banks Restaurant Association features Joey Russo, owner and chef at Russo’s Bistro & Bar, 3712 N. Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk.

Apr 14


The Chef Files: Evan Hayes at Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar

This edition of The Chef Files from the Outer Banks Restaurant Association features Evan Hayes, executive chef at Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar at Pirates Cove Marina on the Manteo-Nags Head causeway.

Feb 16

Snob-Free Zone


Chip’s favorite selections from Outer Banks Olive Oil Co.

Check out some of the great choices and pairings available from Outer Banks Olive Oil Co., which shares the space with Chip's Wine and Beer at Mile Post 6 on the bypass in Kill Devil Hills.

Oct 2


Olive oil and pasta at Chip’s: A well-kept secret

Chip's Wine & Beer also houses a well-kept secret. The Olive Oil Company is also a part of the store and it offers an amazing selection of olive oils and yummy pasta. you can purchase your olive oil in a DIY format.

Aug 12


Video: Featuring Coelacanth Brewing of Norfolk at Chip’s

In this episode from the Snob Free Zone, Phil gives the low down on Coelacanth Brewing Co. of Norfolk. You can find four of their brews at Chip's Wine and Beer at the Milepost 6 Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills.

Jul 2

Rosie Hawthorne's Recipes


Rosie Hawthorne’s Recipes: Marvelous Mahi

One of the perks of living where we do is our access to some of the best seafood in the world.  My son recently went deep-sea fishing and came back with dolphinfish, (aka mahi mahi),…

Jul 21


Consider asparagus for a light and satisfying quiche

In the Spring, this not-so-young cook’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of ... asparagus. I always look forward to the first spears of asparagus in my garden and I’ve earmarked them for a light and simple, yet filling and satisfying, quiche.

Apr 29


Rosie Hawthorne’s recipes: Got shrimp? Here’s what to do

Living where we do, we always have shrimp on hand -- usually at least 20 pounds frozen at any time, so a shrimp meal is only a thaw away. Today, I have three shrimp dishes for you with distinct flavor profiles.

Mar 24



What is it? A different kind of restaurant for the Outer Banks

Construction slowed down while crews waited for steel roof trusses to arrive, but the building at the corner of U.S. 158 and East Atlantic Street in Kill Devil Hills is finally taking shape.

Apr 20


Woo Casa: A new dining experience launches in Nags Head

Woo Casa Kitchen’s name might imply a menu torn between Asian and Tex-Mex, but “Woo” is the nickname of Aaron Wooten, who with his wife Katie, are the proud owners of the Outer Banks’ newest restaurant.

Apr 8


Russo’s Bistro & Bar: An heir to good food, generous spirit

Little did grandmother Gigi know the influence she and her cooking would have over Joey Russo’s career. We think she would be most proud. To him, she was the foundation of the chef and the man he has become.

Jun 7


Far Out Bistro is worth the ‘far out’ trip to Manteo

Quick. Name some varieties of food that tend to form the theme of a restaurant. You might have thought of food groups such as pizza, burgers, steak, pasta or even salads. Or perhaps ethnic and…

Aug 3

Rosie Hawthorne’s Recipes: Marvelous Mahi

One of the perks of living where we do is our access to some of the best seafood in the world.  My son recently went deep-sea fishing and came back with dolphinfish, (aka mahi mahi),…

Jul 21

Fresh Fit Cafe: Enchanting love story leads to practical eating

Nine years ago, the two met at Big Al’s and before long they were an item. After a courtship here, Tungaa returned to her home in Mongolia. Steven wanted to marry, but Tungaa was sure her father would never agree to it.

Jul 2

Rosie Hawthorne’s recipes: Some cool ideas for the season

I scream. You scream. This weather screams for ice cream. And I’m here to give it to you. This might be the easiest ice cream ever. No eggs are involved. No custard. No cooking. It's just cream and milk. Sugar. Vanilla. Strawberries. And an ice cream maker.

Jun 29

Max’s Pizza: New digs are a win-win for owners and patrons

Fans of Max’s Pizza who have been missing their lasagna and excellent pies, we have some good news. Max’s is back at a new location that sports a larger, more appealing dining area replete with…

Jun 26

Shipwrecks: A new face in a growing family of restaurants

The inside bar is all new and will focus on old favorites as well as trendier cocktails, beach-themed drinks, and 22 taps for everything from the latest microbrews to good, old-fashioned PBR.

Jun 13

New program aims to teach kids good old southern hospitality

The formation of Grits & Grace was influenced by Nancy Rascoe -- affectionately called Miss Nancy -- who prior to retirement ran a summer camp for over 20 years in Perquimans County, named Miss Nancy’s Manners Camp.

May 29

Rosie Hawthorne’s recipes: Sweet season for crabs

There’s nothing quite like a newspaper-lined table top of fresh-caught, just-steamed, Old Bay-sprinkled blue crabs, with nothing more than melted butter and some lemon juice. Except maybe crab soup. Or crab cakes.

May 27

Slow down and enjoy the slow-food movement

Something that has helped me slow down and focus is considering how what I’m looking at was made and the effort that went into it. It’s mind-blowing to consider how many people worked all along the chain for me.

May 21

Max’s Pizza Company to get new digs and a new name

The new location will greatly expand their seating options, provide room for a bar and a waiting area and allow a larger menu to include more traditional Italian and Mediterranean fare in addition to their popular pizza.

May 7