Saturday storm scenes

By on November 16, 2019

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Visit Daniel Pullen at his website, and follow him on facebook and instagram page for more photos.

These photos were taken today in Avon by Hatteras documentary photographer Daniel Pullen, across the street from Food Lion, and in Mirlo, just after high tide. The next few high tide cycles may well bring more significant impacts.

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  • Steve

    No issues here in Rodanthe. Just breezy, no rain.

    Sunday, Nov 17 @ 6:40 am
  • Megan

    Last time I went the hightide was horrible it would woosh out onto the roads and flood cars we couldnt get out the power cut off one night and it kept cutting on and off for the past hour. outer banks if you really think is a sandbar and if you look at the map from back them it was big but now it’s getting smaller I think these are signs saying that outer banks will be under water probably in 10 years from now.

    Sunday, Nov 17 @ 11:31 am
  • James FoleyDVM

    i just read a post this am :so when an unstoppable force and an immovable object collide [ what happens ? well water is the strongest force known to man and when you have 16-20 foot waves come ashore . disaster happens. it is time for the beach front to change to block this terrible consequence of north east storms/ hurricanes.. some engineers need to think of a method/technique something like horizontal jetty system.. i say start a contest and let everyone get involved to may be solve an issue .. i am sure the counties paying millions of taxpayer dollar to replenish the beach may like. as the science has said we need to invest in the “right methods. the science is hydrology{ how water reacts with the environment] so structures can survive.. it started decades ago with the railroads going west etc… please comment on this storm and other

    Italy is underwater and their billion dollar solution has already failed. lessons learned . their method failed.

    Monday, Nov 18 @ 11:59 am