Have you ever wondered what it takes for a firefighter to gear up for the job?

By on August 13, 2019

Firefighting is a dangerous profession that requires specialized equipment to effectively and safely mitigate a fire emergency. When the tones drop and firefighters are out the door to respond to your needs, they must don the proper personal protection equipment to be able to perform their job effectively. Imagine wearing this equipment with a weather high heat index and then going into a fire.

Being fit for duty is one of the most vital and fundamental ingredients of being a successful firefighter. Firefighters work hard to stay in top physical condition as they are expected to perform at peak levels. Fitness and training are not optional in this job.

Pictured is Nags Head Fire Rescue’s Firefighter/EMT Guy Crocker donning the equipment needed to perform the functions of his job. As you can see, his weight increases by 40lbs, demonstrating that the gear and equipment is heavy, bulky, and increases the physiological burden of firefighting.


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