Waiting on the Little Bridge

By on July 12, 2019


This article first appeared in the Outer Banks Sentinel


The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) confirms it has received the Nags Head Board of Commissioners’ recent request for a pedestrian-activated light at the crosswalk on the Little Bridge, the span used by fishing enthusiasts from the concrete walkways along the Nags Head-Manteo Causeway. The department says it hopes to have information to share with the town toward the end of this month.

Citing what they described as a defective crosswalk that NCDOT has failed to adequately address, the Nags Head Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution at their June 5 meeting requesting a traffic signal similar to the one on U.S. 158 that provides a pedestrian crossing between Jockey’s Ridge State Park and the shopping complex at milepost 12.5.

      “This board has said it, and said it, and said it again,” said Mayor Ben Cahoon at the meeting. “We don’t want one of those situations where someone has to die before something gets fixed.”

There have been two accidents involving a vehicle rear ending another one that stopped at the crosswalk on the bridge in recent weeks, according to Nags Head Police Chief Phil Webster. Webster also said that, since 2014, there have been 20 collisions at the bridge’s crosswalk.

NCDOT Division One Communications Officer Tim Hass told the Sentinel he had spoken to the DOT engineer on July 3 and explained that “the kind of data we’re looking to get takes weeks, not days to gather…We are in the process of gathering that data now, and will be doing about two more weeks of traffic counts.”

Noting that the department has also placed “mobile sign boards warning approaching traffic to look for pedestrians in an effort to get motorists to be more aware of the crosswalk while we gather that data,” Hass added that the engineer expects to have the new information ready to share with the town during the week of July 22.

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  • Windy Bill

    A citizen proposed a pedestrian ‘flyover’. That would cure the problem, but (those darn goats get in the way again) the cost after accommodating handicapped will knock your socks and flip flops off. Is it worth the cost of a human life every x years plus cost of several bad rear end collisions per year? Decent people will say yes. We need to make a lot of political noise to convince Raleigh and the Most High NCDOT of that.

    Friday, Jul 12 @ 11:54 am