Protest at Dowdy Park focuses on treatment of refugees

By on July 12, 2019

(Michelle Wagner)

A crowd of about 60 people gathered at Dowdy Park in Nags Head on July 12 for “Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps.” The event was among hundreds of gatherings planned across the country on Friday evening to protest what organizers characterize as inhumane conditions faced by refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border. The protest came on the eve of planned U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that the Trump Administration has indicated will begin Sunday.

The Dowdy Park protest included music, a handful of speakers and a silent vigil. Dozens of attendees also signed a petition asking U.S. Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis to investigate the “horrific conditions at child detention sites and demand answers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.”

-Michelle Wagner

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  • Rick Shaftan

    The usual gang of pro-abortion, open-borders Socialist freaks who make up the core of the Dare County Democratic Party.

    Friday, Jul 12 @ 10:37 pm
  • Robert Healy

    We’re not pro abortion, Were pro a woman’s right to choose . There’s a big difference . Also we’re not socialists. We are pro moral capitalism . We are , however, anti fascist and anti crony capitalism. We don’t want our nation to be taken over the oligarchs who have been deliberately shrinking the Middle Class since the 70’s.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 4:18 pm
  • Andy Smith

    Yeah, baby! All we had to do was get 60 crackpot dum-dums together, wave some flashlights in the air, act like fools, and the problem was SOLVED!!! Amazing how that works, isn’t it? Uh….no….wait! Actually, the only thing we got out of the entire fiasco was some dead flashlight batteries. Hmmm…. maybe it WAS just a stupid idea after all!! Oh well… it’s what LIE-berals do. I wonder…did any of the women parade around in vagina suits? That would just have been the crowing touch, don’t you think?

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 8:15 am
  • Nellie E Pagan Healy

    Your right this is a serious problem that demands solving. Children are in cages separated from their families. In your home Do You punish innocent children? America is your home and my home and I don’t behave that way. I have worked, studied and prayed all my life to make America proud of me.The women that participated are concerned citizensYou should of been there it was very informative. I am proud to be an American I am not proud of how this Administration is setting policy, telling lies and in the process hurting families and innocent children. I’m doing something about itI suggest you do the same.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 4:32 pm
  • Rosemary Rawlins

    Kudos to everyone who turned up to join in this international event, Lights for Liberty, to obtain humane treatment for refugees. A reading of Ronald Reagan’s final speech on immigration and what it means to be an American really showed how far we have drifted from our ideals as a nation. Here’s hoping these lights continue to shine with love, respect and dignity for all. Don’t listen to the negative voices spewing hatred. Keep on shining.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 9:41 am
  • Hank M.

    Classic example of how media sponsored messaging (not journalism) continues to stoke the lemmings with false narratives pushing a damaging progressive propaganda. We are a nation of laws. Illegal immigration is against the law. Refugees claiming asylum need to be vetted. No reference to any of that in the article. Why? No proof given or verified or cited of the claimed “horrific” conditions. Why? Who is funding “Lights for Liberty”? What is the true agenda? If you can stomach it, I encourage you to visit and read the hysterical claims. Why isn’t any balance provided in the article? Why does the Lights for Liberty web site boldly tout that this nation wide event as a “Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps” but the article discreetly changes to “Vigil to End Human Detention Camps”? The puppet masters probably realized that inserting a subtle reference to Nazi concentration camps,while consistent with their overall intent of shaping opinions, may have crossed the limits for even what a lemming will blindly accept. Come on Sentinel, perform a random act of journalism.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 9:48 am
  • Regina

    Absolutely agree with you Hank M. I thought the OBX Voice was more balanced then this!!

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 12:32 pm
  • Susan

    All the Voice did was report that the event happened. Nothing unbalanced.

    Monday, Jul 15 @ 9:58 am
  • J Twitty

    So proud of folks up stand up and stand for something. Wish I could have been among them. It’s a complete disaster that babies are being jailed, dying, and trafficked right here in America. Those babies need allies. You can’t say your pro-life and think this is ok.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 1:24 pm
  • Frank Moore

    Hey J Twitty what was so important that it kept you from attending this protest. If it is such an important issue to you I feel that you would have done everything possible to show your support, and maybe your picture would have been taken and shown. Since you “wish I could have been among them” (the protesters), why don’t you become one of the allies you said these babies need and open your home to a baby and his/her entire family and sponsor a family. If you do this maybe your comments about all the illegal babies and families being so mistreated would have some real meaning and truth to it rather than showing how ignorant you apparently are. You and so many other like thinking people talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. Man up and do what you want someone else to do !!

    Monday, Jul 15 @ 2:14 pm
  • obxmike

    Let’s put some of those “refugees” next door to those who showed up. Saw it happen so many times before in my former life. People couldn’t sell their homes and the neighborhood imploded. Let’s start with Southern Shores first. Good ole fashion section 8 housing will do the trick. Low information people need to have the experience I know about. Would be fun to watch.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 1:48 pm
  • Larry D M.

    They wouldn’t have a problem if they stayed in there own Country and fixed it. They come here and want free things and want to change everything.
    Stay Away

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 2:26 pm
  • Joan

    I thought people came here to take a vacation, not protest. What is do hard about applying for legal status instead of sneaking in the back door like a criminal. If they come across our border illegally they have broke our laws and that makes them criminals. We do not have a country if we do not protect our borders. Americans wake up and protect our country. The protest are stupid.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 6:14 pm
  • Joan

    I thought people came here to take a vacation, not protest. If they criss our borders illegally they have broken our laws and they are criminals. We are a nation of laws. We can not have a country unless we protect our borders. Let them apply legally like so many people have done. America wake up.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 6:36 pm
  • Frank Moore

    All these illegals have to do is stay the hell in their own third world country and their living conditions will be swell. For those poor souls who picket for illegals why don’t you adopt one, take him/her home and you can all live the dream happily ever after in your home, you can feed, cloth, educate them and they will still be deported until they come here legally and then they are welcome. Until then they are breaking the law and you are helping them and you should be detained. Keep it up idiots until our country becomes their piece of crap and then sit back and say didn’t I do something good for my legal children and grandchildren. By that time all of our rights and freedoms of a free country will be gone. Wont you be proud of yourself !!.

    Saturday, Jul 13 @ 7:32 pm
  • Seal

    And while theyre at it, just release every one in prison too !!!
    Do they not know or even understand what is going on ? The Liberal media has them thinking that all they are are helpless women and children fleeing a war torn country !!!
    Well theyre not……… They are using both the status of asylum and the children as loop holes to enter this country !!!
    The cartels are having a field day charging thousands in human trafficking, while at the same time shipping the drugs that are poisoning our children !!!
    Its a crying shame that they enter this country illegally and are treated better than our veterans and children that are poor and homeless living on the street !!!
    And its not going to stop, as long as they keep sending the word back home about how stupid we are and all you have to do is cross the border with a child and cry ASYLUM and then the FREE stuff just starts pouring in !!!!

    Sunday, Jul 14 @ 9:12 am
  • Stevejo

    There are people right here in Dare County that are homeless. Can I get a name of a flashlight waiver who is willing to help one of them?

    I don’t suspect that I will get any volunteers but y’all just keep protesting while people are entering this Country illegally. Does anyone remember Joe Storie? He was killed by Alberto Rodriguez-Castro on October 5th 2011 in Kill Devil Hills. Castro was an illegal alien who entered this Country illegally without proper inspection. Protest that flashlight waivers and keep eating what the media is feeding you.

    Monday, Jul 15 @ 10:26 am
  • howard zeitlin

    Steve…I TOTALLY agree…What part of ILLEGAL don’t these people understand

    Monday, Jul 15 @ 2:02 pm
  • surf123

    And that is not too mention that we have people on food stamps and children who are sent home from school on Fridays with meals for the weekend.

    Tuesday, Jul 16 @ 11:35 am
  • Kid Goregous

    Sad to see so many fear-filled, anti-Christian, Anti-teachings of Jesus, Anti-First Amendment comments here.

    Monday, Jul 15 @ 11:31 am
  • Laura

    This is a big problem and we need to find solutions. I encourage you to read our government’s report on this issue. You can follow this link

    Monday, Jul 15 @ 5:13 pm