Kudos to Duck — Multi-path design is a real winner

By on June 18, 2019

Looking south at the new multi-use path in Duck. Walkers and runners to the right, Bike path in the middle. NC 12 on the left.

Looking south at the new multi-use path in Duck. Walkers and runners to the right, Bike path in the middle. NC 12 on the left.

Just about now, the Town of Duck could probably use an attaboy, pat on the back or kudos to you, and that’s what this is.

The multi-use path that Duck has designed is fantastic.

What they have done is separate walkers from bike riders by a very simple method—there is a sidewalk for foot traffic; immediately next to it, between the sidewalk and the road, is a bike path.

Foot traffic and bike…never the twain shall meet with this plan. No more joggers or walkers greeted with frantic cries of, “On your left. On your left,” from bicyclists. For anyone who has never experienced this, be assured, it can be pretty terrifying.

The separated paths run parallel to NC 12 on both sides of the road from Barrier Island Station almost to the southern end of the village. There is a little bit of construction just finishing up, but the bike path on either side is open all the way.

This is a design that it would be great if other towns would take a look at it and see if they could creates something similar.

One small quibble—on the southern end of the village, the end of the bike path is not well marked. Speaking from personal experience bikers will suddenly find themselves riding on the shoulder of the highway with no easy way to cross to the multi-use path across the street.

Other than that, this is a great concept that needs to be copied.

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  • dwight

    I wouldn’t let my kids ride on that bike path. When we come to visit, we’ll be riding on the sidewalk

    Wednesday, Jun 19 @ 2:01 pm
  • Gimmieabreak

    It’s not as great as the author of this article makes it sound for many reasons. For one thing, many of the bicycle”racers” that come to duck to vacation and “train” still will ride in the road and casual riders feel more comfortable on the sidewalk. Second, of many that come to mind, is that the construction destroyed property corner evidence along the right-of-way that now becomes the property owner’s and the hired surveyor’s problem costing both money, time and headache. Just more reasons why duck sux.

    Thursday, Jun 20 @ 6:03 am
  • Gordon

    I honestly cannot imagine why anyone would complain about these new paths. There are so many bikers and walkers that this is a great move that other towns across America already do.

    Coming from Colorado, I have visited here for 20 years now and I am so happy to see Duck implement these new multi use paths for our family to use. Great job-

    Tuesday, Jun 25 @ 8:09 pm
  • Ted Persons

    next project is to divert traffic onto a causeway out over the sound and circumvent Duck altogether. that would also help resolve the weekend back ups

    Monday, Jul 1 @ 11:45 am