Video: Unleashed dogs seen harrassing Corolla wild horses

By on May 13, 2019

Unleashed dogs have been seen chasing and harrassing wild horses on the beach along the Currituck Outer Banks in at least three instances in the past week.

“In one case, we were told that a dog actually bit one of the horses. This is so incredibly dangerous, for both the dog and the horses,” the Corolla Wild Horse Fund wrote on Facebook.

The post said that persistent harrassment “could make the horses aggressive towards dogs even if they aren’t provoked.”

A county ordinance requires dogs to be leashed at all times.

The Wild Horse Fund, which oversees protection of the animals, asked that anyone seeing similar incidents call the Currituck County non-emergency number at (252) 232-2216. The fund has no enforcement power.

“Please do not put your pets, the horses, or yourself in danger like this. It is illegal, irresponsible, and negligent,” the post said.

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I think the horses are much more of a danger to themselves than any dog. I see or hear a fight almost every day between the horses. How do the horses survive the large packs of coyote’s running around the neighborhoods, the same way they would handle the dogs. I can’t understand why we need 100+ horses anyway other to appease to horse tours. The federal government don’t want them on there property, most private property owners don’t want them on there property. By the way most of those horses were brought here from Suffolk va in the 50’s or… Read more »


Agreed. If the horses can’t cope with a couple of yappy, domesticated dogs they should be ashamed to call themselves “wild” animals. The dogs owners are irresponsible for exposing their pets to the danger from 500 pound animal that can break your leg or crack your skull with one swift kick.


I am a dog lover and have two. I have owned many horses and I can tell you, a horse will kick or bite a dog in a heartbeat. I love my dogs and would never let them off leash anywhere except my fenced in yard, but particularly not around a wild horse. I plan to build in Carova and will fence my yard to keep the horses out – I want to protect my dogs and the horses from each other. This is why 99% of all people despise tourists. They go on vacation and act like idiots. I’ve… Read more »

Part Time OBX'er

Problem is… the dog’s owner is a Corolla native – not a tourist! So….. stop assuming tourists are always the issue! Thanks


If you’re able to know the identity, “the dog’s owner is a Corolla native-not a tourist!” … WHY haven’t the authorities done something about this yet? Are they that incompetent…. or do they just not care???


I think those horses could take that dog down it they wanted to….they didn’t look too concerned. The dog’s owner was very stupid, though. The dog could have been killed.

Windy Bill

Shoot the dog with a paintball gun to ID it so the owner can be fined. The dog might also associate the ball with a reason to stay away from horses.

Frank Moore

If you can’t keep your damn dog on a leash as required by law, stay the hell at home. I am a dog owner and lover buy do not force him on others and when yours is off leash and he runs to me or anywhere YOU are forcing him on whoever or whatever he goes after. If the horse was to kick and hurt/kill your dog you would blame the horse, I feel Obey the law, the dogs do not own the beach and if your dog was to run up to me, my wife or grandkids while we… Read more »