Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottage Tour is back

By on April 10, 2019

Perkinson’s “Atlantica” at 142 Ocean Blvd.

The Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottage Tour is back and will be held on Saturday, April 27, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Tour tickets will be available on the day of the tour beginning at 1 p.m. at 156 Wax Myrtle Trail or 13 Skyline Road.

Tickets provide admission to all 14 cottages on the tour. Cost is $7 and all proceeds will benefit the Flat Top Preservation Fund of the Outer Banks Community Foundation. The tour promotes awareness and the need for preservation of these historic homes.

Frank Stick (1884-1966), beloved Outer Banks artist and developer, obtained an option on the land that is now Southern Shores. He supervised the platting of lots, the installation of roads, and the design and erection of the first flat-top cottages.

These now quaint architectural houses were reminiscent of the cottages he had seen in Florida, which had characteristics such as cement block construction, wide overhanging soffits, propped up shutters, and flat tar and gravel roofs.

These historic cottages that once dominated the town’s architectural landscape will be featured in an afternoon of open houses. We are proud to offer a self-guided, open house tour, which includes homes of varying sizes, locations, styles, and finishes.

Approximately 26 examples of this original architectural style remain as flat tops in Southern Shores. Of these, 14 will be featured on the tour.

The cottages on the tour include: 13 Skyline Road; 39, 43, 69, 113, 142, 157, 169, 176, and 218 Ocean Blvd; 23 Porpoise Run; 18 E. Dogwood Trail; 156 and 159 Wax Myrtle Trail.

Balloons will mark cottages that are open on the day of the event.

Parking will be available at the intersection of Wax Myrtle and Porpoise Run. From here, several cottages participating in the tour will be within walking distance of each other.

Information is also available on the Facebook page for Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottages.

For additional information about the Southern Shores Flat Top Cottage Tour, please contact Sally and Steve Gudas at 804-399-8342 or

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