Sheriff’s alert on debt collection calls: Don’t believe them

By on March 26, 2019

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office has posted an alert to beware of any caller claiming to be a deputy collecting a debt.

Here’s what it says:

It has come to our understanding that the SCAM about jury duty/arrest warrants etc. has been surfacing once again. We do have court coming up where jurors may be needed. You may receive some mail, a phone call or even a visit by a Deputy if you do not show up to court as instructed.

WE WILL NOT call you and tell you to pay any amount of money over the phone. If someone calls you on our behalf and asks you to pay anything over the phone it is a SCAM.

Do not purchase any ‘Green Dot’ cards or other forms of payment to give to them. If you have any concerns about a call you received please give the Sheriff’s Office, your Local Police Department and/or the Clerk of Courts a call.

DO NOT call the number back they called you from or provided you. These individuals can be intimidating and forceful and may call you back numerous times. These SCAM ARTISTS are getting better at their craft and the phone number may look like it came from a Law Enforcement Facility or Clerk of Courts, 252 475 5200.

After they ask you for money to be provided over the phone, HANG UP call us at one of the following numbers:

Dare County Communications non-emergency number — 252-473-3444
Dare County Sheriff’s Office — 252-475-5980

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