Twenty-six candidates file to fill 3rd Congressional seat

By on March 8, 2019

Mike Payment

Paul Beaumont

Voters in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District will have plenty of choices in the April 30 primary elections, the first step in choosing a successor for Republican U.S. Rep. Walter Jones,  who passed away on Feb. 10.

Republican primary voters will be presented with a slate of 17 candidates, while six Democrats will face off in their primary.

Among the state’s smaller parties, the Libertarian’s had two filings, ensuring a rare third-party primary in the district, while one candidate filed under the Constitution Party banner, bringing the total number of office seekers to 26.

None of the Democrats hail from the local area, but voters will be familiar with some of the names on the GOP ballot, with three Currituck County residents throwing their hats into the ring.

Two of the Currituck residents, Paul J. Beaumont and Michael H. Payment currently serve on the county’s Board of Commissioners. The third Currituck candidate, Kevin Baiko of Moyock is a medical doctor who has been active in the cannabinoid medical rights field and serves as the medical director of the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network.

If no candidate receives 30 percent of the vote in the April 30 primary the candidate coming in second can request a runoff election.

If a runoff is required, that election will be held July 9 and the special general election will take place September 10.

If no runoff election is required in either of the two parties with more than two candidates in the primary, which would be the Democrats and Republicans, the special general election will be held on July 9.

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Folks, Just remember that two candidates, Paul J. Beaumont & Michael H. Payment, refused to listen to the voters in the recent Bonner Bridge renaming debacle. Why would you vote for someone that won’t listen to you?

All of these candidates, so many choices! I’m glad a lot of people have thrown their hats in the ring. I’m encouraging everyone to learn as much as you can about the candidate that best represents your interests. Choose wisely 😉. Well back to my bloody Mary and the ⛵. Koo Flocks, voice of the independent Obxers.


I sure wish both commissioners could win and take bob with them so Currituck county can start to heal.

Steve G

I’ll be voting for Beaumont. Payment announcing did nothing except hurt Beaumont’s chances. He actually stood a chance of at least making it to the runoff before Payment announced. How very selfish of Mike to split NENC’s votes. Selfish and stupid. Now neither of them stand a chance. Congratulations on giving away any opportunity NENC had at having a voice, Mike Payment.