Board of Transportation OK’s naming new bridge for Basnight

By on March 7, 2019

The new bridge over Oregon Inlet will be named after former state Senator Marc Basnight.

Despite objections from some Hatteras Islanders, the state Board of Transportation approved a resolution Thursday naming the bridge for the longtime Senate leader.

The board took up the resolution after a recommendation last month from its Road, Bridge and Ferry Naming Committee.

Customarily, a naming requires the unanimous consent of the local governing body. Dare County sent a resolution to the state despite a 3-2 vote, and the board made an exception.

Construction began on the $252 million bridge in March of 2016. It opened Feb. 25.

The new bridge is 2.8 miles long and rises 90 feet above Oregon Inlet at its highest point, with 8-foot shoulders on each side. It is the first bridge in the state built with stainless reinforcing steel, which will provide extra protection against the salt water environment and last 100 years.

The new bridge replaces the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, which was built in 1963. Demolition of the old bridge will begin soon and is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year. A 1,000-foot section of the south end of the old bridge will remain as a pedestrian walkway.

Here’s the full resolution:

WHEREAS, the Dare County Board of Commissioners requested to have the North Carolina
Board of Transportation name the new bridge over Oregon Inlet in honor of Marc Basnight
while also honoring the legacy of Herbert C. Bonner; and

WHEREAS, Basnight grew up on the Outer Banks, graduated from Manteo High School and
achieved success as a business owner who provided local job opportunities before embarking on a
distinguished career of public service as an elected official; and

WHEREAS, in 1984, Basnight was elected to serve in the North Carolina Senate, a position of
public trust that he held until his resignation in 2011 due to health issues; and

WHEREAS, during his legislative tenure, Basnight provided leadership and direction as the
President Pro Tempore of the North Carolina Senate, where he became the longest-serving Senate
President in state history; and

WHEREAS, throughout his public service career, Basnight was a passionate and effective
advocate for advancing education, providing transportation infrastructure, safeguarding the
environment and other issues of public concern; and

WHEREAS, the Dare County Board of Commissioners believes that naming the new bridge
over Oregon Inlet in honor of former Senator Marc Basnight is a fitting tribute to a remarkable
man who served the people of the Outer Banks and all North Carolinians in a way that will be
long remembered; and

WHEREAS, the Dare County Board of Commissioners requested the North Carolina Board
of Transportation retain the Herbert C. Bonner name with an appropriate placard dedicating
the portion of the old structure that will remain and serve as a pedestrian walkway after the new
bridge is placed in service.

That the North Carolina Board of Transportation rescinds the previously designated road for
Marc Basnight along N.C. 12 in Dare and Hyde counties from U.S. 64 to the ferry terminal in
Ocracoke and names the new bridge over Oregon Inlet as the Marc Basnight Bridge.

That appropriate signs will be erected at a suitable time.
Adopted this the 7th day of March 2019 by the North Carolina Board of Transportation.

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Lol @ Circus Seal!


@@@ Ray
No we are not glad Ray !!!
And we are also not glad that our votes were ignored and political brown nosing prevailed !!!
And we dont believe that the DOT wouldve just let the old bridge fall apart and not build another
without his Highness Marc Basnights blessing !!!


Everybody should be glad they had M. Basnight. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have YOUR HATTERAS bridge. And I’m a republican. He fought for your bridge harder than anybody. FOR YEARS. Like about 15 or 20.


Hey Manteoer. Have you ever been out of Manteo?


What Koo Flocks said….. I’ll just call it Route 12…..


Really @Manteoer???? Have you ever been to Manteo? If so, have you ever used the VIRGINIA DARE bridge to go there?? OMG! SMH


Hey Manteoer. You have one connected to your island. Virginia Dare bridge.

As a lifelong libertarian, I can’t believe how much back and forth has gone on about naming a bridge. C’mon people. Let’s get to know each real bread and butter issues, affordable housing and jobs for locals.
Well, I’m going out for brunch. Later. Koo Flocks, voice of libertarian Obxers.


Name it after a woman show me one bridge that is named after a woman. It always a man isn’t it??

It is simple

When I drive over any bridge that crosses The Oregon Inlet it will officially be The Oregon Inlet Bridge in my mind and it was that way since I first crossed the Oregon Inlet in 1974 and remains so today

Dave H

This was a preordained decision- will of the voters be damned.


My only concern is the money that will be spent on changing every thing to the new name. It just seems like a waste when there is so much more that the money could be used for.


A part of the Bonner Bridge will remain as a fishing pier. Therefore the new bridge needed a new name. Both Bonner and Basnight were politicians, so that can’t be the argument. As for me — it will always be the Oregon Inlet Bridge.

The Bonner Bridge is for the people on Hatteras Island but you let outsiders rename the bridge.Bad move.


Quit idolizing politicans obviously there is nothing exceptional about any of them because of there entitlement. Which should be absoutly nothing after there term is over. Look at the personal strings that were pulled when his resturant burned down and was opened 3 months later. Tell me there wernt strings pulled in manteo to get it done so fast. Ha!



The state saying this is what the Dare BOC wanted , when its public record its not?


You Politicians can ignore the people’s voice (Votes) but it will always be the “Bonner Bridge” to us but AKA the “Crooked Brown Nosing Politicians Bridge” !!!!
See you next election !!!!


Whereas, I do declare that therefore it has been determined that Manteo and the state of North Carolina will here fore name the Oregon Inlet Bridge the least popular name as voted and declared by the residents of Dare County. Therefore, it has been resolved that the will of the people has therefore been ignored. *slams gavel*