Work on Duck bike, walking path forges ahead despite weather

By on February 2, 2019

(Christian Legner, Town of Duck)

Construction work on Duck’s multi-use path has moved ahead despite the recent cold weather and torrential rains.

During the past two weeks, crews have done rough grading work and put in new driveways at Kitty Hawk Kites, and the southern entrance/exit to the Duck United Methodist Church were poured along N.C. 12.

The new driveways at the north entrance to Resort Realty, Tommy’s Market and the north entrance to the Waterfront Shops have all cured long enough and are now open to traffic.

Millstone Marine began work on the posts for new dumpster enclosure today at Osprey Landing and they will likely continue working on that into the beginning of next week. Millstone is also expected to be moving to Aqua Restaurant and Spa to complete the last retaining wall.

CenturyLink has been hard at work to complete the relocation of a large utility junction box from the path of the sidewalk in front of Osprey Landing. This work is expected to continue in the coming days.

RPC will continue the remaining rough grading activities. The formation and pouring of concrete driveways can be expected at the southern entrances to Resort Realty, the Waterfront Shops, Stan White and possibly the northern entrance at Wee Winks Square.

Pipework related to stormwater management controls at the Waterfront Shops should be installed this week prior to the sidewalk formation. RPC has received all of the materials for the landscaping bio-retention soil composition and their plant will be mixing these materials for the landscape strip between the sidewalk and the bike path.

Due to the use of heavy equipment, the southbound travel lane may be closed at times with traffic being directed into the middle lane during the closures. Be alert for construction activity and drive slowly and safely through this area.

The second phase of the sidewalk project will be constructed along the west side of Duck Road from the crosswalk at Aqua Restaurant & Spa to Resort Realty at the northern end of Duck Village.

Planned improvements include a dedicated bike lane, landscaped strip, and sidewalk. The project will also involve utility relocation and the installation of new lighted crosswalks at the Waterfront Shops and Dune Road.

A majority of the Phase 2 construction will take place over the Winter/early-Spring months, with an expected completion date sometime in May 2019.

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This was a complete waste of tax money. The oceanside bike path upgrades were enough. There was no need to expand the sound side Duck road. They have dug up driveways to homes and businesses and moved existing underground utilities so a few tourists can ride their bikes on the southbound lane of Duck road. Completely unnecessary. Duck town government continues to waste money left and right. Also…I agree with Emergency services funding but there is no need for brand new 80,000.00 dollar Chevy Tahoes and Ford Expeditions and F250s every year or two for that matter The police staff… Read more »