Saving Lives Task Force: Focus on Ervin Bateman

By on February 1, 2019

Note: This article was originally scheduled to appear in September 2018. At that time Mr. Bateman was a candidate for the Dare County Board of Commissioners election scheduled for November. The Outer Banks Voice and the Saving Lives Task Force agreed to withhold the article until after the election.

This month, I am highlighting a very active member of our task force, Ervin Bateman.

Mr. Bateman has been on board for two years representing the recovery community. He wanted to educate himself regarding this disease and to make a difference in our community.

He noted that there is a wide representation of our community on our task force — county commissioners, law enforcement, social workers, mental health workers, therapists, individuals in recovery and simply concerned citizens.

The task force realized that this is a community problem that needs to be addressed from every angle, education, therapeutic, medical, social and spiritual.

Mr. Bateman realizes that the disease of addiction and treatment is evidence-based.

No “one size fits all.”

We have to be open-minded, remember to never give up the fight and understand that addiction is cunning and baffling.  Only through education, rehabilitation, and treatment can those who are sick with the disease of addiction return to being active members of our community.

The task force has made great strides by having town hall meetings and distributing naloxone kits to businesses and individuals throughout Dare County and advertising with billboards to get the word out to citizens and visitors that the goal of the task force is saving lives one at a time.

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