Two firefighters injured after deck collapses in Waves

By on January 18, 2019

Two firefighters from the Chicamacomico Banks Fire Department were injured after a deck collapsed in Waves on Thursday morning.

The firefighters and Dare County EMS personnel were assisting a resident on Sea Isle Hills Drive in Waves, and the resident and three members of the fire department were standing on the deck when it collapsed.

The two firefighters were admitted to The Outer Banks Hospital, Steven Kovacs, Dare County Fire Marshal, said.

“They have been released from the hospital,” said Kovacs. “We are fortunate that everyone is now home.”

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  • Ron

    This is what happens when we let outsiders build our houses. They are not familiar with proper building techniques, safe access, or water sealing. The housed quickly rot and fall apart. I have properly repaired some scary decks and stairs, all it takes is a simple inspection to determine if built correctly.

    Friday, Jan 18 @ 10:28 am