Drinking water will also flow better after Colington Road work

By on January 8, 2019

The project will also ease flooding. (Voice)

Plans to improve Colington Road should also get drinking water flowing better to businesses and homes in the area.

Dare County will have to dig up and relocate about 16,000 feet of water along the 4.3-mile project, which is still in the planning stages.

The state Department of Transportation, which is doing the road work, will pay for relocating the water lines, but the county plans to take the opportunity to improve the system.

Dare will cover $310,044 in “betterment costs” to put in bigger and more modern 12-inch PVC pipes to replace the old 8-inch asbestos-cement lines. Last month, commissioners approved pulling the money from the Water Department’s fund balance surplus.

In addition to planning the road project, the NCDOT is in the process of acquiring rights of way.

Improvements vary along the roadway.

From Colington Drive to Baum Bay Drive, Colington will be widened to two 11-foot travel lanes with 10-foot shoulders, 7 feet of them paved, as a bike path.

The road will also be raised in areas to control flooding.

From Baum Bay Drive to Bermuda Bay Boulevard, a new multi-use path will be built on the south side of Colington Road and tie into the existing path on the south side.

To just east of Veterans Drive, work would be limited to repaving. From there to the U.S. 158 intersection, the the NCDOT proposes 11-foot travel lanes, two 11-foot left-turn lanes and an 11-foot right-turn lane eastbound.

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Windy Bill

Thanks to Dare County for improving our water service! I hope that there will be very serious line flushing when the main line connections are made to keep the asbestos fibers out of our shower and drinking water. I’ve traveled Colington Road daily for 27 years. There are 3 turns that need to be widened about 3 feet, 1/4 mile that needs to be raised a foot, and three corner sight lines to be enlarged.Three foot wider shoulders will improve safety for bikes and people. Most of the rest of the expenditure is a serious waste of taxpayers hard earned… Read more »


World War II was fought and won in less time than it has taken for planning this project. I hope the construction moves faster, if it ever gets started.

John Galt III


Sammy Fox

Has NCDOT said when construction will begin on the Colington project? I fear it’s going to be a huge mess for a long time. We all know how slow things happen in OBX.


“the 4.3-mile project, which is still in the planning stages.”

PLANNING STAGES! We were told at the last project presentation meeting at KDH Town Hall that right-away acquisition and construction would start in 2018.