Savings Lives Task Force: Spotlight on Paula Bailey

By on November 20, 2018

This month, Brenda Thacker asked SLTF volunteer Paula Bailey to explain how and why she became involved with the Saving Lives Task Force. Ms. Bailey responded in her own words:

I joined the Task Force in October of 2016, a month after my son passed away from a drug overdose.

I knew that I had to get involved, do something to help fight against addiction, fight for those struggling with addiction who cannot fight for themselves and with the parents or loved ones of those addicted who are trying so desperately to hang on to them.

To find hope amidst the darkness.

I had learned about a product called Narcan, which could have potentially saved my son’s life had it been available. I wanted to do all I could to get information out about Narcan or at least get people talking about it.

Education is key to surviving in this crazy drug frenzy. I am not naive. I know that drug and alcohol abuse/addiction has been around for centuries. However, the death toll has never been so high, higher than the Vietnam war.

Addiction has its claws in and it is not letting go. It is up to us, the survivors, the families, the loved ones, the community to fight the fight.

One in five people has lost or known someone who has lost a loved one to addiction or drug abuse.

In Dare County, we have seen firsthand the effects addiction can wreak on our children and loved ones.

Since I have been a member I have seen the transition of drug use change from basic heroin use to the most recent fad of codeine and kool-aid and everything in between, such as heroin-laced marijuana and innocent gummy bears turned not so innocent.

At the SLTF we have taken great strides in our fight. We hold quarterly town meetings in different communities in the county that are opened to the public. We have placed crucial billboards to bring awareness to the availability of Narcan.

We work with local professionals to establish relationships with the community and bring awareness of available services to the public such as Darecasa, Highlife 252 and New Horizons, just to name a few.

All of these organizations are crucial members of the Taks Force’s success.

We also work with local schools, partnerships for drug-free kids, local government agencies on various levels and issues,  along with any other agencies, such as Trillium.

Together we have begun and will continue to fight against the ever-changing and life-taking the world of addiction.

I fight because my son can’t fight anymore.

I fight for him and others like him who can’t fight for themselves or just need a flicker of hope to keep fighting for themselves.

To save a life through faith and hope.

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