Election 2018: Final results of the races in Dare County

By on November 6, 2018

After nearly a year of campaign signs, fliers, ads, meet-and-greets, canvassing, fundraisers and forums, the 2018 Election came to a close on Tuesday across North Carolina.

Dare County has been one of the slowest in North Carolina to report totals in the past, and that trend has continued this election with six of the county’s 16 precincts still not posted as of 11 p.m.

Other than Hyde County, with two remaining to report, the other nine counties in northeastern North Carolina had already finished reporting their results several hours before Dare.

16,548 registered voters cast a ballot in Dare County as of Tuesday night, a 54.56 percent turnout.

Mail-in absentee and provisional ballots must still be tabulated before the results are certified by the Board of Elections during a canvass that will take place next week.

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Dare County Board of Commissioners At-Large
16 of 16 Dare County precincts reported
Ervin Bateman (D) 8,428 51.95%
Anne Petera (R) 7,794 48.05%

Board of Commissioners District 1
Jim Tobin (R) 8,729 53.92%
Rosemarie Doshier (D) 7,461 46.08%

Board of Education District 2
Joe Tauber (R) 8,395 52.35%
Jen Alexander (D) 7,642 47.65%

Register of Deeds
Cheryl House (R) 8,331 51.96%
Vanzolla McMurran (D) 7,701 48.04%

State Senate District 1
90 of 90 precincts reported
Bob Steinburg (R) 39,554 53.25%
D. Cole Phelps (D) 34,729 46.75%

State House District 6
44 of 44 precincts reported
Bobby Hanig (R) 18,437 55.07%
Tess Judge (D) 15,045 44.93%

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mike honcho

What about the soil and water conservation results?


It’s the Register of Deeds race that scares me. Why politicize this position? A vow to “maintain records with honor and respect” does not qualify a political hack for a technical position. Shame on us I suppose for not paying attention.


The Gov website is saying Tess Judge won @ 53.38%

If you are talking about the Dare County website, those results likely are only for the single county, not the entire four-county district. Our numbers come directly from the NCSBE website.

Lucky Local

Yikes cannot believe this series of outcomes. But after 2016, should not be surprised. But at least a (sic) Communist got elected in New York and Colorado will have a GAY Governor. Go America!!!!


Jeremy Adams

Good luck everyone!