Dare County school system announces hurricane makeup days

By on October 15, 2018

Dare County school officials will extend the end of the first semester and turn some work days and half-days to full days to make up for instructional time lost to hurricanes Florence and Michael.

In a message sent to parents Monday, superintendent John Farrelly said the N.C. General Assembly passed a bill forgiving the school days missed due to Hurricane Florence. But, he said, the school’s leadership team decided to amend the 2018-19 calendar to close “the gap in instructional time lost in the first semester.”

The changes include:

  • Oct. 26 is now a full instructional day
  • Jan. 18 is now a full instructional day
  • Jan. 22 is now an instructional day
  • The end date of first semester has moved from Jan. 18 to Jan. 25
  • March 28 is now a full instructional day
  • March 29 is now an instructional day
  • April 22 is now an instructional day
  • May 24 is now a full instructional day
  • June 14 is now an optional teacher work day
  • Some report card, end of quarter and interim report days have been altered

Winter and spring breaks will not be impacted by the schedule changes.

Schools north of Oregon Inlet have missed seven days due to Florence and Michael. Students on Hatteras Island have missed six days.

Farrelly said a new online professional development system now affords the school district more flexibility in providing teachers with ongoing support when planned half days become full instructional days.

“The revised calendar balances out semesters and nets a gain of five full instructional days,” Farrelly said. “In addition, we have left the holiday and spring break vacations intact. Lastly, our plan allows some flexibility if needed in the second semester, should we miss more time.”

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So, how is it that a county can change the hours of a school day and override the States calamity days?


And they added 10 minutes to every school day for the 2018-19 season without informing or asking the parents.
So a 6 year old has to get on the bus at 6:45am and dropped off at 4pm. Ridiculous! Now I understand why homeschooling can be much more productive for learning.


Once again “Farrelly” knows best.
The state forgave the days correctly and I’m sure the parents and teachers/staff will not be happy with Farrelly stepping in and overriding the state. As for the “leadership team”, learn this term…morale.