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By on October 6, 2018

As a business owner, I have the opportunity to talk to thousands of vacationers. I get to know many of them and they often become treasured friends that I see year after year.

But I often hear the same questions from out-of-towners.

“Do you actually live here all year?”

“What do you do in the Winter?”

“Is it just a ghost town here in the off-season?”

Ten years ago, those were questions that I had too. How much actually goes on during the off-season on the Outer Banks?

Now, depending on who you ask, the answers might vary. But as a mom of three, the off-season is when everything happens! The off-season, much like our Summer, is for community and family, and our local community is one of a kind.

The Fall is always busy for us because our oldest plays on several soccer teams. After years of playing multiple sports, he decided that soccer was the one that he wanted to perfect and his athletic focus has been on soccer ever since.

As a parent, I haven’t found anything more exciting than watching my children excel in something that makes them feel happy. Soccer is what makes our Joey the happiest and it’s been so much fun watching and cheering for him over the years.

He’s been playing for the recreation teams and the school teams for years, but last year we added OBX Storm Soccer to his list and we have been completely blown away by the increase in his strength, confidence and skills.

OBX Storm Soccer took Joey from a kid who liked to play soccer to an athlete with drive and ambition. We honestly can’t say enough good things about this team. In addition, our family tree grew a little bit larger because our soccer family sprouted a new branch. Soccer has become a part of our family and we wouldn’t change that for the world.

OBX Storm Soccer is a non-profit that uses donations to provide scholarships and equipment for our local kids. From amazing events like the upcoming Sippin’ at Sunset Oct. 12 to online giving and attending a tournament, there are tons of ways to support this local soccer program!

It’s easy to get your children involved here with so many programs for a wide range of interests. I have a sweet neighbor and friend whose son plays with the Mustang Outreach band. I’ve loved listening to her son play the drums since he was in elementary school.

Whenever we can catch him and his band playing, I’m taken right back to the days when he was learning and practicing and the rhythm of his drum set carried out of his bedroom window and right into our back yard. It was like a personal show and we loved it!

It’s amazing to see how far he has come and to watch his stage presence now during shows with The Mustang Music Outreach band. Mustang Outreach is a non-profit that serves the children of our community who are interested in music and it thrives on donations. You can check out their website for ways to donate so that this amazing program continues to succeed.

Of course, attending an upcoming show is a great way to support our local kids in music. Check them out on Oct. 13 and 14 at the Mustang Rock and Roast in Corolla at Mike Dianna’s Grille Room.

Programs just like these are such a big part of our community and our daily life here on the Outer Banks. If you’re raising kiddos here and looking for a place for them to plug in, there are dozens of options and so many of them are amazing non-profits that are serving our children so well.

From Dare County Parks and Recreation sports and activities, local dance studios, art classes, surf lessons and 4H clubs, there truly is something for every kid and so many of them thrive with the community effort. There are so many ways to support the littlest locals this off-season while enjoying a great game, music show or activity!

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