Planning Board not yet ready to commit on accessory dwellings

By on August 17, 2018

The Dare County Planning Board made little progress on a proposal that is viewed as a first step to address the Outer Banks housing crunch.

At their meeting Monday, the board considered a recommendations from county Planning Director Donna Creef on changes to the allowable uses in certain zoning districts for accessory dwellings and cluster housing.

But the proposal won’t be ready to submit to county commissioners for at least another month.

The main hangups were the size of an accessory  structure and how much of a property that structure could cover. The board agreed to recommend allowing ADUs of up to 1,200 square feet of livable space but was not ready to commit to a lot coverage size of more than 50 percent, which is the current rule.

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Part Time OBX'er

And that’s why nothing will ever get done – short sighted and ignorant people like you. Your assumptions are wrong, but you wouldn’t know that because you just assumed who I am. You know what happens when you assume! I am actually a resident, but again, you assumed. You enjoy your ‘elitist’ pessimism, and I will provide positive, open minded suggestions and solutions.

Stan Clough

Well said Ruthless !


Well, Part Time OBX’er (sic), aren’t you the elitist jerk? Seems to me that you are just the guest type we neither need nor want on the Outer Banks. Or any darn where for that matter. Perhaps you will be happier and more insulated if you stay wherever it is that you spend the other part of your time. And this isn’t an island.

Part Time OBX'er

Completely disagree with this proposal. Make affordable housing on the mainland, not the island. There is nothing more of turn off for a visitor or vacationing family then having to stay near, or drive through a ‘low-rent’ district. That’s not what the Outer Banks is for. Its for those that can afford it as a luxury. Its for those that want to vacation, as a luxury. If you can’t afford it, then you can live on the mainland. Point Harbor, Harbinger and Powell’s Point have all complained of not enough growth, housing, and business use. There’s your answer! Make a… Read more »


I would love to build an accessory dwelling on my Roanoke Island lot. I would built it between 500-900 sq ft. My house is under 1200 sq ft! So why only in “certain zoning districts?” The affordable housing we used to have often consisted of garage and basement apartments or old houses made into separate units. Now they rent as Airbnbs.


We used to have affordable housing before the building boom. Now that the yuppies and the destroyers called ‘developers’ have taken over, there is none.

Claudia Garren

There should be available and AFFORDABLE housing for those of us who work in restaurants, grocery stores, caregiving, etc.