Old Swimming Hole closed due to flood water pumping

By on August 9, 2018

Melissa Parker photo

Stagnant rainwater that is being pumped into trucks from neighborhoods on northern Roanoke Island and then emptied into the Croatan Sound near the Dare County Regional Airport is the reason a No Swimming sign has been posted at the Old Swimming Hole.

Dare County Public Information Officer Dorothy Hester said the sign was posted and lifeguard service suspended at the site “out of an abundance of caution”, rather than for any known water quality issues.

Similar signs were placed off other locations on the Outer Banks where portable stormwater pump outfalls were located in the past several weeks.

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  • Hi Tide

    I have no pity for the flooded folks. I researched the lands and topos of the whole Outer Banks. I bought a house which lies at about 12 ft elevation above sea level. My insurer says I have no need for flood insurance. Why are the counties and towns responsible for foolish business purchese . On the realtor multiple listing it states the truth. Buyer by a swamp buggy


    Friday, Aug 10 @ 5:06 pm
  • RoseAnn

    Hi Tide, after I built my house, also at an elevation of 12 ft., my neighbor decided to haul in 40+ loads of fill to raise the elevation of his lot. There was a county ordinance against that practice. This happened in approximately 2003. When I complained to the planning and zoning department they told me that ordinance had never been enforced. His lot then drained on to mine creating a continual headache and flooding for me! Lack of enforcement by the county created my problem. Also, entire neighborhoods were built without any stormwater management plan. The developers made out like bandits and are long gone. Maybe you should understand the history here before you take up residence in smug-ville.

    Saturday, Aug 11 @ 1:43 pm
  • Bert

    Tide. You jumped to the head of the “brilliant” line. Congratulations, you are obviously so proud. Shame you skipped the compassion line.

    Monday, Aug 13 @ 8:59 am