Outer Banks SPCA limits kitten adoptions due to virus

By on June 28, 2018

(Outer Banks SPCA)

Since mid-June, a number of kittens in Dare County have shown symptoms of illness such as lethargy, unsteadiness and general signs of weakness.

While the illness has yet to be identified  veterinary consultation and state laboratory testing indicates it is viral, according to the Outer Banks SPCA.

Over the next several weeks, the SPCA will be limiting kitten adoptions. Adult, vaccinated cats will still be available for adoption.

Here are some important points to follow any time you choose to bring a new pet into your home from any source:

  • Vaccinate cats and kittens of all ages. If you have recently brought a kitten into your home, start its vaccine series immediately.
  • Keeping new additions to the family separate from established pets and slowly introducing them is a good way to make sure everyone stays healthy and bonds well.
  • If you have a cat under six months that begins acting lethargic, unsteady or any other symptoms of weakness, take it to your veterinarian immediately.

If you cannot afford a visit to a veterinarian, contact animal welfare groups such as Feline Hope, Friends of Felines HI, Coastal Humane Society or the Outer Banks SPCA for low-cost vaccination clinics or options for financial assistance.


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