Nine rescued before fire consumes Hatteras charter boat

By on June 26, 2018

Predator Sport Fishing/Facebook photo.

Nine people were rescued by other boats in the Hatteras charter fleet after their vessel caught fire last week.

The fire started Thursday around 3:30 p.m. on the Twisted Tuna, a 47-foot Buddy Davis-built boat, while they were 19 miles southeast of Hatteras Inlet.

The Predator and the Brother’s Pride assisted the six passengers and three crew members before the blaze consumed the boat. What caused the fire is not yet known.

“I can’t thank Capt. Darrin Callahan, his crew and his charter of the vessel Brothers Pride enough for their professionalism and timely response in our time of need,” Twisted Tuna Capt. Glenn Stultz posted on his Facebook page. “The Lord surely guided Darrin and his crew to our rescue.”

“I can truly say that if this rescue was recorded it would be the best training video ever,” Stultz said. I watched it unfold and I am still amazed at how fast the passengers and my crew were rescued.”

I would also like to thank everyone on board my vessel for their unbelievable courage and cooperation during our time of trouble,” Stultz added. “Remember everyone, things like boats can be replaced, people can’t! Make sure you tell everyone you love them as often as possible because tomorrow is not promised.”

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