Video: What is that big thing sitting on the beach off Corolla?

By on June 19, 2018

The massive metal object washed up during a winter storm earlier this year around Currituck OBX milepost 3.5 at Pine Island.

The light on top, powered by a solar cell, still turns on at night. But other than that, no one really knows what it is. Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think.

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John Cobb jr

This is an 3 Megaton atomic bomb . Bombs dropped in North Carolina in 1961 look at Wikipedia the pictures are identical to the video on the beach there’s eight feet of it buried under the sand. Stay 50 miles away from that thing. You think the US government would tell you exactly what happened and how many were lost ? I doubt it

Richard Warriner

Maybe the numbers stamped on the lid offer a clue: 4 8 15 16 23 42


A trojan horse?

It’s an ocean buoy, minus the floatation foam around the metal core. Once it reached the surf zone the wave broke up the foam until nothing but the core was left.


Could it be a broken piece from an oil drilling platform?


Looks like a mooring buoy or weather buoy, just missing the yellow plastic floats that fit between the fins.

It has to be some form of warning light. If it were alien it most likely not be made of steel. Open it up and see what’s inside???


The light on top is the same as an airport would use for a runway light. The metal under could be the underground casing holding the electrical work


It is part of an an ocean buoy…google the pics….sheesh

Looks like it’s from the DHARMA project.

PJ Wright

Its a whiskey still with a light on top to alert the thirsty neighbors that the brew ready for sampling

That looks like the upper half of a cardinal marker.
You say the light comes on at night,,,,.
Does it flash a pattern this will help to identify it.
Look up International light house/ nautical markers.

Clearly it’s a Skoal display case!

Its a giant can of Wisconsin Miller beer.


Items don’t sit on the beach or anywhere else, Sam. Only people sit. Objects are either on the beach or lying on the beach, but they can’t sit. No, I’m not an English teacher, just someone who went to school & listened. You should know better.


Research Surface Buoy without the cover.


Oh I found that with my metal detector and it wouldnt fit in my pouch so i left it. I was going to put it in the garbage can but there wasnt one nearby. And yes I refilled my hole!

Dr. Albert Crawford

Those are some interesting answers. But the fact of the matter is that said object is actually an LRWCR (Long Range Weather Control Relay) buoy first employed for testing in August of 1998 as an offshoot from the Strategic Defense Initiative, an initiative that had just been publicly confirmed by President Reagan in 1983. The program was later renamed the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization suggesting that the focus was on protecting the United States from enemy missile attacks. But that was just an intentionally misleading ploy. The fins on the side of the buoy are intended to capture the force… Read more »


To me this looks like the top of a manhole. The fins get buried in the ground and keep the top centered over whatever it is supposed to cover. Has anyone tried opening that hatch on the top?

Ronald Schultz

i dont know what it is. but if any one finds my lost wedding ring let me know if it washes up. I lost it off the jersey coast years ago and it could be any where. I think an size 9 or 10 solid gold and it was one of the wide type bands . Thanks . Ron Schultz Marion Ohio e mail southpointrr@