Currituck County’s tax rate stays steady under proposed budget

By on June 6, 2018

Where does the county’s property tax revenue come from? As shown by this graph, more than half from the Outer Banks. (Currituck County)

Currituck County’s property tax rate will remain at 48 cents for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year, if the Board of Commissioners approves the 2018-2019 operating budget presented Monday evening by County Manager Dan Scanlon.

“This will be the fifth year in a row that we’re keeping the tax steady,” Scanlon told commissioners during his presentation, adding that Currituck has the 10th lowest property tax rate in the state.

The average rate in North Carolina counties is 67 cents per $100 of value, Scanlon said.

“Historically we have been well below the state average,” he said.

The tax rate is based on the county’s approximate $6.2 billion tax base. About 56 percent of the county’s taxable property is on the Outer Banks, with 48 percent in Corolla and 8 percent in Carova.

The board will hold a public hearing on the budget during its Monday, June 18, meeting and may vote to adopt it. According to state law, the county must have approved a balanced budget for the next fiscal year before July 1.

The upcoming fiscal year’s budget comes in at slightly more than $75.6 million, which is a .4 percent increase over the current year’s total budget. However, the 2018-19 general fund budget includes a 2.2 percent decrease under the current fiscal year’s budget.

County employees’ paychecks for the next fiscal year will include a 2 percent cost-of-living increase, and the budget includes funds for eight new employees. Six of the new hires will be in the public safety department. Four additional fire personnel will be added at Knotts Island, and the sheriffs department will get two new deputies.

In addition, the county will hire an additional code enforcement officer and fund a temporary position in the finance department. Finance Director Sandra Hill is retiring, and the new, temporary position will allow her to train her replacement before the new director takes over.

The county’s schools will get a million dollar boost in the upcoming year’s budget. Last year, the local current expense allocation was almost $10 million, while the upcoming fiscal year’s budget allocates $10.4 million for the day-to-day cost of running the schools.

The addition of a Career and Technical Education coordinator bumped that allocation up by about $65,000, which accounts for some of the increase. In addition, the budget includes $1.4 million in capital outlay funds, up $400,000 from last year.

While county residents won’t see a tax increase, they will pay more trash collection. The one-time annual fee for residents who rely on the county’s convenience centers will go up from the current $115 fee to $150.

Corolla residents, who have curbside pickup, will see their collection fees go up from $250 to $270 annually.

The county also plans to upgrade security at the county’s detention center and has set aside funding for a new public safety center and Moyock Community Park.

The entire proposed budget may be viewed at the Currituck County manager’s office, and online at Currituck’s Proposed Annual Budget.

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  • corollagirl

    You forgot to mention the other 4 new hires in the county – 4 paid firefighters in Knotts Island paid for out of general funds contributed by the whole county. Meanwhile in Corolla, the County has decided that 5 cents/$100 valuation is not too much for folks there to pay for paid firefighters though that’s more than we want or need – smacks of overkill & empire building. How do others in the county feel about paying for KI firefighters out of general funds when the rest of us get nothing for firefighters from general funds???

    Wednesday, Jun 6 @ 9:45 pm