Video: Little red, and orange, mailbox of hope for Wesley

By on May 24, 2018

A special memorial to the New Hampshire 4 year old who was swept off the beach by a shore-breaking wave while walking with his family last month has been erected in Kitty Hawk.

A little red, and orange, mailbox of hope at the Lillian Street Beach Access was dedicated Thursday afternoon in memory of Wesley Belisle.

The box is adorned with a set of wings in Wesley’s favorite color of orange and includes a book where visitors can leave a message of hope.


  • Bud

    It was not a rouge wave that came out of nowhere. The swell was obviously strong this day, waves beyond ten feet and breaking on outer sandbars. Call it a set wave or swell but it was not a rouge.

    Friday, May 25 @ 5:50 am
  • Obxer

    Bud. What kind of comments this and what does it matter now.

    Friday, May 25 @ 7:33 am
  • surf123

    These memorials and tributes like those on the side of the road are an annoyance and eyesore. Nobody needs to be reminded of deaths and especially when one is on vacation. The ocean was cranked up and the parents should have been aware that conditions were not suitable for walking with a child at the shoreline. The water “run up” range varies depending on the wave size, whether or not they are doubling up, the tide level and whether or not tide is incoming or outgoing. Don’t blame this a on rogue wave, which is a convenient excuse for what was an tragic accident. Very few people except those who spend significant amounts of time in the water will experience a true rogue wave.

    Friday, May 25 @ 12:23 pm
  • surf123

    The bigger concern about events like this is the hand of the government coming in to protect everyone.

    Friday, May 25 @ 12:24 pm
  • Wendy

    It is always sad when we lose a child or adult to the ocean. I just wonder why this memorial? There have never been any for any of the other children lost in ocean accidents. So maybe this could be for all the children lost and not just for one. Better yet a educational posting so this doesn’t happen to another family. I have sat on the beach and watch parents on their phones or reading and not watching their children. And it can happen just that fast if there is a bad under tow or a rip. Education of people not familiar with the ways of Mother Natures ocean is needed

    Saturday, May 26 @ 2:34 pm