Nags Head’s improved fire rating could benefit businesses

By on May 21, 2018

The North Carolina Department of Insurance Office of State Fire Marshal has notified the Town of Nags Head that its fire protection class has improved after a March 2018 inspection.

The fire protection class rating, which decreased from four to two,  will most likely not affect insurance premiums for homeowners, as premiums for one- and two-family dwellings are already at the lowest possible rate, according to a town news release.

However, Nags Head business owners are encouraged to contact their insurance agents to let them know of the change, which becomes effective Aug.  1.

“The improved fire protection rating could bring about insurance rate reductions for Nags Head’s businesses,” said Fire Chief Kevin Zorc.

The inspection by the state is required on a regular basis as part of the North Carolina Response Rating System. Inspections check for proper staffing levels, sufficient equipment, proper maintenance of equipment, communications capabilities and availability of a water source, along with other factors.

The North Carolina Response Rating System ranges from one (highest) to 10 (not recognized as a certified fire department by the state), with most rural departments falling into the 9S category.

While lower ratings do not necessarily indicate poor service, a higher rating does suggest that a department is overall better equipped to respond to fires.

Higher ratings can also significantly lower homeowners insurance rates in that fire district.

“I’d like to congratulate Chief Zorc for the department’s performance and for the hard work of all the department members,” said North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.

“While we are proud of our recent accomplishments, there is room for improvement, and we will continue our efforts towards making Nags Head as safe as possible,” Zorc said.

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