Video: General Assembly GOP primary candidates forum

By on April 23, 2018

The Outer Banks Voice and Milepost Magazine held a forum at Waveriders in Nags Head on Friday featuring N.C. Senate candidates Bob Steinburg and Clark Twiddy, and N.C. House candidates Beverly Boswell and Bobby Hanig.

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Thank you to the Outer Banks Voice and Milepost for hosting this forum, and thank you to the candidates for participating. I also really appreciate the opportunity to view the recording since I was unable to attend in person.


Hi candidates, thank you for your participation in this informative event.
Can you please list your position on the Mid Currituck County Bridge?
Also how will you navigate this issue through the Transportation Department?
Thank you.


Did any one ask Ms. Boswell (a.k.a. the Plastic Bag Lady) why she acted so contrary to the wishes of so many of her Dare County constituents when she pushed so hard to repeal the law which had banned certain merchants from issuing plastic bags to its customers ?
And what about the false credentials she allowed to appear on her campaign materials?

The issue of oil drilling and plastic bags comes up in the second half of the forum.
And our format was to strictly just discuss the issues that face the state and districts.