USDA to remove feral swine from Currituck Banks Reserve

By on April 20, 2018

The Currituck Banks Reserve will be closed to the public April 23-27 while the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program performs an aerial wildlife damage management operation for feral swine.

Listed as an invasive and destructive species, the wild hogs will be removed and the damage they’ve caused will be surveyed.

The North Carolina Division of Coastal Management is closing the reserve, located along the sound side north of Corolla village, during the operation which is taking place outside of the regular feral swine hunting season September to March.

All activities will be conducted in collaboration with reserve personnel, local law enforcement and other participating landowners.

Feral swine pollute and degrade water quality, reduce forest regeneration and kill or displace many kinds of native wildlife, according to a release from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

Additionally, they compete with native wildlife for resources, specifically food, habitat and water. Feral swine also prey directly on the nests, eggs and young of native ground nesting birds and reptiles.

For questions about the aerial operation, contact Gail Keirn, USDA public affairs specialist, at 970-266-6007. For questions related to the Currituck Banks Reserve, contact site manager Kate Jones at 252-261-8891.

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Sounds to me like around 15 or 20 years ago they had to many deer in Nags Head Woods. Used beaters like in Africa and pushed all the deer in an area that was more or less confined and let local gunners use semi-automatic rifles and shotguns take care of the problem. No meat left to use. Open the season up more and let qualified hunters take care of the problem. Hope the horses aren’t next.


Can I fire up the smoker yet?


Wild horses will be next. Invasive, destructive, non-native species.


It’s the humans that are destroying the area!

Auto correct really violates me! I request all video photos areas surveyed be public record for taking this action also the folks taking the action and how strategically and human all dang we know that will never happen. Did he say disease. What doesn’t? So if you don’t want the swine flu don’t be kissing no pigs, Your just setting yourself up! So let’s put the dogs on I’m so they can get bit contract this disease and spread it, or (sarcasm alert!) when your done with the dogs kill them? (Sarcasm)!!! Don’t need know dogs sure if there’s only… Read more »

Ok when the say removed as in when the removed the Canadian geese from the town complex on Shortcut Rd? Let’s see if you walk up and see a few hundred dead geese just laying to rot would you be a little pissed off. I’m all for land management and if something is causing more harm than good . Ok so the hogs come in they do there damage wow we have an influx of coyotes move in someone gonna get eaten/ nope people over zealous let’s kill all the coyotes ok now back to square one hogs hearts continue… Read more »

Pat P

If water quality is a concern, what about all the Cormorants, they turn the ocean white underneath themselves when rafted up.


Another thing to people who think these were brought here by hunters or proerty owners owners. GET YOU FACTS STRAIGHT….They got here from ship wrecks you fools they have been here ALL ALONG.


Good luck with that USDA. after thinking about this issue they will never get them all. Another government waste of
OUR money.

feral hogs carry a bacterial disease called brucella suis[brucellosis] in the process of slaughtering feral swine the body fluids contain this bacteria. so hunters need to avoid contact with these body fluids by waring protective device[ gloves goggles etc] hog brucellosis can be fatal to humans. i read where florida has wild hog specific slaughter houses. so there must be some money in this meat resource[wild game meat] australia used to poison wild hogs with a type of rat bait. it is now banned. the usda is researching hog alternative poisons. the problem of non target species getting killed off… Read more »

Door Gunner

I just hope they will let us local folks participate.

Weekend worker

So what do they do with the animals after they kill them? If they lay around, don’t they attract coyotes? That’s kinda wasteful, and not thinking ahead. What’s the helicopter cost ? The problems that they site Like water quality and messing up crop lands. No one Farms or drinks the water in the area they’re wasting these animals in. ( remember your septic and well only have to be 50 feet apart. ). Also aren’t they shooting them where hunting takes place? So the Government is cutting us hunters out of game? I’m sure that we can come up… Read more »


Please see to it that they are not just disguarded. As they are very tasty!!!!!


An actual food source will be eradicated, but Cats will be left be. Dogs cannot run at large without having the owner charged and fined, or the animal captured and euthanized. Cats another domesticated animal can run amok without fear of law for people, while they’re killing birds that end up only closing federal areas for humans. Yet, feral pigs, an undomesticated animal & delicious commodity, will be eradicated.

Probably some new Yanks to the area found them annoying,