Hundreds gather and march in Nags Head against gun violence

By on March 24, 2018

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(Photos by Kip Tabb and Sam Walker)

Several hundred people, young and old, gathered Saturday afternoon, then walked along U.S. 158 in Nags Head carrying signs and chanting slogans as part of protests taking place nationwide against gun violence.

Dubbed the Outer Banks March For Our Lives Rally for Safe Schools, the rally and walk, organizers said, was to show solidarity with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where 17 students and staff died in a mass shooting last month.

The event at Dowdy Park was highlighted by speeches from students at First Flight and Manteo high schools who organized gatherings at their schools on March 14, the one-month anniversary of the Parkland shootings.

Video courtesy of Ben Sproul/Pivot Visuals

Speakers included Nags Head Mayor Pro-Tem Susie Walters, David Morris, minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church Church in Kitty Hawk, Watson Harvey from Manteo and Tyler Love of First Flight.

But it was Arabella Saunders, editor of the First Flight school newspaper, who drew the most enthusiastic reactions.

“I am standing here today because I am a senior in high school and I should be worrying about buying a prom dress or studying for my next stats quiz,” said Saunders.

“Instead I sit in class and worry about where I would run and hide if there was an active shooter in our halls, about who I would text my first goodbyes to, about whether or not I would be brave enough to step in front of one of my classmates or teachers.”

Arabella Saunders. (Sam Walker)

Saunders said she was hesitant at last week’s walkout to call for the changes she feels need to happen because of potential backlash from the community and her peers.

But she said planning and participating in the walkout motivated her to no longer be afraid to use her voice.

“This is about guns!” Saunders said, before listing reforms that were repeated at rallies across the nation on Saturday.

“Digitize gun-sales records, mandate universal background checks, close gun-show loopholes, ban high-capacity magazines, push for a comprehensive assault weapons ban with an extensive buyback system, advocate for increased support for those struggling with a mental health condition,” Saunders said.

She challenged those in attendance to be more active in calling for reforms and engaging their elected representatives.

Saunders also derided U.S. senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis for accepting sizable campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association, and state Rep. Beverly Boswell for calling students at a central North Carolina charter school “Tide Pod eaters”.

“To anyone who resorts to belittling those advocating for positive change,” Saunders said. “Revolution is a wave, and if you’re not going to ride it, I suggest you swim back to shore and get the hell out of our way.”

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Hey Floyd, did you get your gunzz back after Obama took them? LOL!

AR 4567

Lets raise the driving age to 21 for teens..from “NHTSA”.
In 2015, 2,333 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 235,845 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries.

Nearly 1,300 American children are killed by guns every year, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published in the journal Pediatrics. And many of these deaths are suicides rather than murders or accidents—about 38% of them, in fact.

The Prophet

It’s me the big scary libturd, I’m here to bring in crisis actors and destroy all the guns on the OBX. We will clone hybrid of Hillary Clinton, Obama, and our secret reptilian overlord that will reign over this country for millennia. We will destroy traditional family values fear us. Your children will be converted to transgender muslims.


Tie pod eater.

“Well regulated” means to take care of said firearms. It does not mean to be controlled by the government.

Once again you have been lied to and do not have the sense to objectively read a simple passage from the amendment.

If the current laws were enforced these discussions would not even be necessary. You will fail at erasing the 2nd Amendment!




Floyd’s essential response: “I’m not the puppet, you’re the puppet.” LOL! AND, its very obvious that you don’t have a BS, BA, AS, or HS diploma. Do you take your Vitamin P(aranoid) today?

Tide Pod Eater

Hey Floyd, what’s up buddy! SO just to let you know I am one of those children who attended the march, and man I had so much fun with my fellow LOCAL classmates whom which I recognized every single one of. And you know, I got thinking…do you find satisfaction in being completely rude and obnoxious towards others when engaging in what is supposed to be civil discourse? Because from the look of it, I think you do. Also, your call out about how us students are snowflakes for speaking up about oh I don’t know, common sense gun regulation… Read more »


Hello OBX Voice! 15 year old FFH student, KDH resident, “libt*rd,” here! I was in attendance of this march, in fact, I joined my peers on the front lines. To address the concern that us children who marched were bused in from elsewhere, I hate to break it to you, but we were in fact DCS students. There were maybe three young people I did not recognize; the rest were my beloved peers from FFH and FFM. I am proud to have exercised my first amendment right and I would like to assure you folks that I and many other… Read more »


Dave Your stats are completely bogus. I know it, you know and everyone else knows it. No one believes those lies any longer. It’s a joke and anyone with common sense can see right through BS. At this point it’s completely laughable. Stop being a lunatic. If that’s possible. Wombat You are easy prey to the communist propaganda. Wake up. It has nothing to do with gun control. It’s people control. Geodog If you had a child at the march then you are a failure as a parent. I feel sorry for your snowflake children. One day they are in… Read more »


What does Cuba have to do with any of this?
Your reply does say a lot about you though. Some friendly advice, it might be time for you to drop out of this subject.

Anna, I seriously want to see that video.


I will not even address what these folks were rallying about. But good for all of us that we live in a country where people CAN do this!! For those who think that most of these teenagers in these photos were “bused in” – well sorry to disappoint you but I have a child a FFH who was there AND I recognize nearly all of the teenagers!!!! They are OUR children and they are scared to be at school yet they are show the courage to speak out!!! GOOD FOR THEM!!! Grow-up – IT is time for some REAL change!!!!… Read more »

@Floyd If you read my first post; it says nothing about repealing the 2nd amendment and that I own guns and enjoy those rights. What I had stated earlier (and the main message of the march) was that laws should be passed to make it harder for people with mental illnesses to obtain a gun; especially an assault style weapon; oh, maybe that’s why your nervous and so concerned – hahaha. The other main concern of the marchers, in addition to making schools safer, was to try to raise the age of obtaining a AR-15 or similar type weapon to… Read more »


Floyd, you are the Projector in Chief here. LOL! Step away from the Fox channel and/or Info Wars and do a generic google search and attempt to think for yourself in as open minded way as you can. You don’t even know what a communist is. Your “understanding” of the 2nd amendment is pathetic at best. NO Amendment is absolute. Look up Heller vs Washington. Scalia even stated this. Nobody is taking anyones gunzz away. Quit sounding like an uniformed, uneducated conspiracy “person”. Btw, my “stats” are CORRECT! It is YOU that is pumping out FAKE NEWS! Sad.



You are easily influenced by a false narrative created for the weak minded.

It’s sad that someone can so blindly believe what the Communist propaganda machine is churning out.

You will not be successful in repealing the 2nd amendment!



Move to Cuba! You can have as many rights taken away as you want!


@Wilhelm, Have you met Anna yet? The two of would be perfect for one another. Romantic evenings would consist of hanging in the bunker, counting rations, cleaning guns and watching FAUX news; and maybe even sneaking around streets at 3:00am looking for shadows. The reason you don’t recognize any of those kids is because they like to hang with similar free-thinking kids, not closed-minded lemmings who drink the Kool-Aid you’re feeding them. @Floyd, Trying to reason/respond with/to your ignorance is not possible; discussing any gun control laws (just like the NRA’s stance) is unapproachable with any of you. Your interpretation… Read more »


Yeah that’s what it’s all about, a soon to be 98 year old retired Supreme Court Justice who wrote a piece on the repeal of 2A. Give me a break. It’s about kids wanting to go to school without the fear of dying. You really need to stay off and the likes. I know it might be hard, but think of the kids sometime.



Your stats are a joke. Probably from the Brady Campaign or Cnn. Totally false and intentialy misleading. No one is falling for the lies any longer.

This is what the March was really about.


LOL!!!!!!! You can’t make this up. Busing in 5 bus loads of fake local kids, Sneaking down Byrd St. and video of that. Someone knows all the local kids and that wasn’t them. Kids wouldn’t take their day off for this. Libturds, Hitler, abortions, cell phones, etc…… A few things I would like to say, A kid would take their day off for this if they are concerned about dying at school. Mine did. My kids want to go to school without fear of dying, they don’t want to walk into a room and have to plot their exit strategy.… Read more »