Boswell elusive as Voice sets forum for legislative candidates

By on March 18, 2018

GOP Senate candidates Clark Twiddy and Rep. Bob Steinburg.

The Outer Banks Voice, in conjunction with the Outer Banks Milepost magazine, will host a forum for the primary candidates for N.C. House and Senate on Friday, April 20 at 7 p.m. at Waverider’s Coffee, Deli and Pub in Nags Head.

Bob Steinburg and Clark Twiddy, who are seeking the Republican nomination to the Senate District 1 seat, and N.C House GOP candidate Bobby Hanig have committed to participating.

D. Cole Phelps, one of two Democrats in the Senate race, has also confirmed his participation.

Steinburg, Twiddy, Hanig and Phelps signed on to the date and time with no conditions or restrictions on the format.

“I’m going to ask my campaign staff to get in touch with you to workout an agreement on rules/conditions,” said Rep. Beverly Boswell in a text reply Monday to an invitation to take part in the forum.

Boswell’s campaign has not contacted the Voice since, and she has not responded to several requests for an update on her status.

Rather then a typical debate with stringent time limits, it will be an open discussion of the issues over two hours. Candidates will be asked questions formulated by staff members of The Outer Banks Voice and Mile Post.

A video feed of the forum will be streamed via Facebook Live and available for on-demand viewing.

Senate Democratic candidate Richard S. “Steve” James said he had a scheduling conflict for April 20, but has not responded to a follow-up email that the date for the event was firm because the other candidates said they would be there.

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  • Carter McKay

    As a three decade old Republican, I will not be participating in the NC Senate District 1 primary in May nor that particular race in November. I just can’t find a reason that would ease my conscience enough to support candidates I find repugnant.

    Sunday, Mar 18 @ 10:33 am
  • Anonymous

    After the hatchet job you did on the Republican party I’m amazed that any Republican would be involved with any forum you hold. I also think the questions should be from the constituents of dare county not the partisan group at the outer banks voice.

    Sunday, Mar 18 @ 12:06 pm
  • Also Anonymous

    In what way is this a hatchet job at the Republican Party, if all candidates were invited to participate, including Republicans, who not-to-include Ms. Boswell are indeed participating. Why don’t you direct your frustration toward Ms. Boswell who time and time again, chooses to keep her activities in the dark (I.e. not releasing emails from her state-government issued account…) all further evident of unethical behavior on her end by refusing to participate and let society know what’s really going on.

    Sunday, Mar 18 @ 8:43 pm
  • dave

    @ Ed Danko. By your assertions of the “fake news”, I’m curious as to what your background and credentials are as it pertains to journalism. First, did you actually graduate from high school? Second, if you did, were you in the top half of your class? Please point out some of your best journalistic work for all of us to see so that we may join in your expert assessment; which most likely is something you know absolutely nothing about. Fake Assessment!

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 8:16 am
  • manteoer

    Ed Danko:

    You are pretty quick to turn on the OBV after they publish unflattering information about you. But, during the time the OBV was publishing the story you submitted about your campaign you were somehow able to keep your Right Wing catch phrases at bay.

    The distasteful attitude you have presented and the inclination to separate individuals along ideology have no place in Dare or NC politics.

    Politics is the art of compromise.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 8:27 am
  • dan

    Boswell will definitely not participate. She does not represent what the people of the this area want. I picked up 14 plastic bags on my morning beach walk yesterday. She doesn’t want to be questioned about offshore oil drilling and plastic bags. Every single job on this beach depends on a clean ocean. She and her colleagues seem determined to destroy our way of life. Just wait until the dead whales and dolphins start washing up on beach when the underwater air gun testing starts for offshore drilling. Almost every town council in the county has passed resolutions opposing offshore drilling. Dare county generates 1.2 billion dollars a year in tourist spending. Why risk that? South Carolina coastal communities generate 14 billion and the republicans in that state are begging trump not drill off their coast and destroy their economy. Why can’t our local reps get on board and protect our jobs and way of life.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 9:20 am
  • Sppony Rae

    Amazing, never in my life have I ever seen an elected official continually govern and legislate against the will of the people she is supposed to represent. Maybe the youngster can show up in her place.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 9:50 am
  • John

    If one of the conditions is that Ms. Boswell can’t have her phone in her lap so Jordan Hennessy can text her answers to the questions, then shen won’t be participating.

    @Dave: Mr. Danko actually has a long career in journalism which makes it all the more disheartening that he’s so quick to pull the “fake news” trigger on the Voice. There are articles that may skew a little left or right depending on the sort of glasses through which you view the world. There’s never been an article that is “fake” as in created from thin are à la some entertainment sources that pass themselves off as news like the National Enquirer (which still periodically runs stories about Elvis and JFK being alive) or InfoWars (which persists in saying the Sandy Hook shooting was fabricated).

    The Voice, like many news outlets, publishes both opinion and news pieces. There are articles some agree with. There are articles some disagree with. Again, this depends on your world-view glasses. But they are clearly labeled “opinion” pieces and like all opinion pieces, they use data (aka “facts”) to bolster the position of the author.

    Journalism and journalists are a vital part of our democracy. Where the three branches of government keep each other in check, it is journalism that keeps a watch over the three to say nothing of private businesses. Our local media does its best to honor this responsibility.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 11:03 am
  • Jim

    No Republican, Democrat or Independent should tolerate the behavior of Boswell or any politician who completely ignores parts of their district. I will be voting for anyone but her.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 1:02 pm
  • stephen mckenna

    Of course, Boswell is elusive. Who would expect otherwise?
    “dan” said it correctly. She does not represent the interest of OBX residents.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 4:47 pm
  • Really?

    Sorry but have to agree with Ed Danko that OBV is basically a blog as they continually push a liberal agenda and interject way too many opinions that some readers may think are facts. You know it’s a blog when the authors feel the need to enter the comments and give rebuttals to things said that they met disagree with. Just present the article and let it be, no need to be so petty. Their obsession with Bev Boswell is pitiful. So many wonderful things happening around here so why so many articles about the same topics? They try to make people believe topics are of great concern like plastic bags when the majority of people couldn’t care less. And don’t try to tell me ” but people on Facebook said” this means nothing.

    Monday, Mar 19 @ 7:32 pm
  • Gregg

    Bev’s too busy harassing school principals in Durham over the student walkout to bother attending the candidate forum.

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 12:09 am
  • dave

    @Ed. Just looked at your website. FAKE NEWS! Very DEEP STATE! Ever heard of an opinion page? First Amendment? Ever watch State Run TV? aka The Fox Channel? Project much?

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 7:56 am
  • Rick

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, no vote for you bev.

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 8:13 am
  • Floyd

    Ed Danko

    People like your stance on a majority of the issues.
    The problem is that people don’t like you.

    Your comments here back up the GOP in forcing you to resign.

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 9:32 am
  • Floyd


    The bubble you live in does not care about the plastic bag issue but I assure you it will be the reason Boswell does not win the election this time.

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 9:42 am
  • Oldcheebs

    Let’s bag the bag lady. Doesn’t represent the reality of the constituency.

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 8:31 pm
  • Wow

    I wouldn’t be held captive and badgered for 2 hours by you libtards. No way in hell. This is a trap. Don’t do it.

    Tuesday, Mar 20 @ 9:17 pm
  • dave

    WOW…..did it physically hurt for you to come up with that conspiracy sentence and grunt it out?

    Wednesday, Mar 21 @ 10:08 am
  • Wes Lassiter

    I find it curious that Ed Danko wants to hurl so many darts about an agenda that he only wants to be his own. Using the liberal agenda like there’s something wrong with it. What’s wrong with the whole thing is guys like Danko want to seek a separate tribe and instill hate as his basis of his rhetoric. Hate is getting old Ed and your style of politics really aren’t welcome here. We want to cross party aisles to seek compromise for broad positive solutions; not to seek divide in the seemingly RepubliKlans style of doing business. You represent your party well Ed. It’s clear what you’re all about. Beverly Boswell misrepresented herself by not telling the truth and you support that. Shame on you.

    Sunday, Apr 1 @ 10:20 pm