So long, Shelly Island: Sea reclaims a coastal curiosity

By on March 12, 2018

NASA satellite photos show Shelly Island off Cape Point in July, 2017 on the left, and Cape Point last month.

Shelly Island is no more. Less than a year after the larger than normal sandbar formed off the end of Cape Point, the shoal had essentially disappeared by mid-February.

Satellite photos provided by NASA show the tip of Cape Hatteras once again resembles its former self.

Last fall’s series of hurricanes passing offshore, and then the storms of early winter were eventually the demise of the formation that produced thousands of large shells and a piece of World War II-era training ordinance last summer.

Last year, an aerial photo of the island went viral, drawing nationwide interest in the horseshow-shaped island that earned its name for its abundance of seashells.

Cape Point is constantly changing as the northward-moving Gulf Stream collides with the southbound Labrador current.

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It was gone by October of 2017. Part of Cape Point.