Outer Banks Catch board voices opposition to offshore drilling

By on March 8, 2018

 The Outer Banks Catch Board of Directors voted last month to oppose offshore drilling, the latest local group to voice they were against the Trump Administration’s plan to expand coastal exploration.

OBC is a nonprofit with a mission to support commercial fishermen, their families and communities by providing education about the industry and the need to protect water quality and habitats needed to maintain a robust fishery.

“There is not a shortage of gas or oil but there could be a shortage of seafood if there was a spill such as that in the Gulf,” said OBC Chairman Sandy Semans Ross.


In addition to negative impacts from a spill or leakage, the sonic testing required to locate areas in which to drill has shown to have adverse impacts to marine creatures.

Friday, March 9 is the deadline for public comments on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management 2019-2024 Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program, click here to open the comment page at Regulations.gov.

Not only could that affect fisheries, it could be another hit to commercial fishermen who somehow would be blamed just as they are for the impacts of declining water quality and habitat, she added.

Almost every coastal county has recognized that drilling wouldn’t bring economic gains to the State’s coast as any associated jobs would go to other regions with deepwater ports.


“Our coastal economy largely depends on sports fishing, clean beaches and the harvest of seafood and it shouldn’t be jeopardized by this sort of questionable activity,” said Ross, who is also a correspondent for The Outer Banks Voice.

“Both Republican and Democratic county boards of commissioners have voted to oppose these efforts, so it isn’t a partisan issue. It is a common sense response to safeguard our environment,” Ross added.



  • Ginger Turner

    Not to mention obx being in severe hurricane alley, and the damage that could do to drilling operations and staging.

    Friday, Mar 9 @ 7:47 am
  • Co

    What’s good for the country is good for North Carolina. If off-shore drilling is good for the economic benefit of the country, NC officials and trade organizations should not oppose this endeavour. What the Outer Banks Catch Board of Directors are displaying is selfish-ism and gross Nimbyism.

    Friday, Mar 9 @ 8:24 am
  • Really?

    Exactly @Co, notice how people are not anti- drilling? They are just NIMBY and couldn’t care less where else in the US they drill just don’t drill on “our” precious coast. I agree if it’s good for the country then we should drill,

    Tuesday, Mar 13 @ 4:19 pm
  • dave

    To Co and Really: Welcome to 2018! Aka the “Future” to you! In 2018, we have many alternatives to energy that doesn’t destroy our planet. There is this new technology called Google and you can find out many, many facts about things about them simply by just typing in the subjects you are looking for! If you have great difficulty in attempting this task, simply look for someone around the age of 30 or so and I’m sure that they will gladly help you out! I’m sure it will be great fun zooming from the 1950;s to 2018 in such a short period of time. Hope this helps!

    Wednesday, Mar 14 @ 8:20 am
  • Really?

    Please dave, there’s also a thing called reality, you might want to try it sometime. Do you really think some windmills and solar panels are going to achieve energy independence? Maybe some day we can drill in the Yucca mountains and suck out some of the nuke waste from good clean nuclear power plants. You suffer from NIMBY syndrome and you couldn’t get through one day without relying on petroleum products, just try. This is the PRESENT reality! Go plug in your Segway and let that petrol powered plant charge it back up. Lol!

    Wednesday, Mar 14 @ 3:11 pm
  • dave

    Really….. did you actually attend science class in high school? Yes is the answer to your question. Do you know that the oil produced here actually doesn’t stay here? It goes to the global market. So much for you to learn and so little time…..*sigh*

    Thursday, Mar 15 @ 8:10 am
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