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By on February 27, 2018

Filings reported by the N.C. Board of Elections
As of Wednesday, Feb. 28, 12 p.m.

U.S. House of Representatives – District 3
Scott Dacey, Republican
Walter B. Jones, Republican, incumbent
Phil Law, Republican

N.C. Senate – District 1
Richard S. (Steve) James, Democrat
D. Cole Phelps, Democrat
Bob Steinburg, Republican
Clark Twiddy, Republican

N.C. House – District 6
Beverly Boswell, Republican, incumbent
Bobby Hanig, Republican
Tess Judge, Democrat


District Attorney – District 1
R. Andrew Womble, Republican, incumbent

District Attorney – District 3
Seth Edwards, Democrat

Dare County

Steinburg filing Monday in Chowan County. (submitted photo)

Commissioner At-Large (Shea)
Ervin Bateman, Democrat
Ed Danko, Republican
Anne P. Petera, Republican

Commissioner District 1
Rosemarie Doshier, Democrat
Jim Tobin, Republican, incumbent

Commissioner District 2
Ronnie Merrell, Republican
Rob Ross, Republican, incumbent


J.D. “Doug” Doughtie, Republican, incumbent

Clerk of Superior Court
Dean Martin Tolson, Republican, incumbent

Register of Deeds
Cheryl House, Republican
Vanzolla McMurran, Democrat, incumbent


Tobin (left), House and Danko filed together on Monday. (submitted photo)

Board of Education District 1 (White)
Rick Casey, Republican
Frank O. Hester, Republican

Board of Education District 2
Jen Alexander, Democrat
Joe Tauber, Republican, incumbent

Board of Education District 3
Margaret Lawler, Democrat, incumbent

Currituck County

Commissioner At-Large
Mike Hall, Republican, incumbent
Kevin McCord, Republican
Joe Payne, Democrat

Commissioner District 3
Mike Payment, Republican, incumbent

Commissioner District 5
J. Owen Etheridge, Republican
Marion Gilbert, Republican, incumbent
Fred Whiteman, Republican

Tess Judge, filing Feb. 12, with Dare elections director Michele Barnes.

Matthew Beickert, Republican
Bob Douros, Republican

Clerk of Superior Court
Ray Matusko, Republican, incumbent

Board of Education At-Large
William “Bill” Dobney, incumbent
Megan M. Bottelli

Board of Education Crawford Township
Josh Bass
Janet Rose, incumbent

Board of Education Poplar Branch Township
Karen Etheridge, incumbent

Hyde County

County Commissioner, Swan Quarter Township (Tunnell)
James (Little Brother) Topping, Democrat
Joseph (Joey) Williams, Democrat

County Commissioner, Currituck Township (Swindell)
Ken Collier, Republican

Carl (Guire) Cahoon, Democrat, incumbent

Clerk of Court
Brandy C. Pugh

Register of Deeds
Merita Lewis-Spencer

Board of Education, At-Large
Myra Chandler
Aleta Cox
Lindsey Mooney

Board of Education, Ocracoke District
Angela Todd, incumbent

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Cover photo: Bobby Hanig signing-up to run on Feb. 19 with Brandie Draves, Currituck elections director.


  • Carter McKay

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the two announced candidates for NC Senate District 1. Democrats running as Republicans I guess is how they plan on winning. Wouldn’t wipe poop off my shoe with either.

    Tuesday, Feb 13 @ 5:16 pm
  • D. Evers

    I can’t see how Mrs. House feels qualified to run for Register of Deeds when she has absolutely no experience in that Department. This office has to run with absolute accuracy and takes years of experience. Our current Register of Deeds is in at 7:30 AM every morning checking every document for accuracy, where will Mrs. House find the time when she claims to be running a business. I don’t see anything in her history running a lab in California to her husband being a partner in a cleaning business that qualifies her for this position. Sure it pays twice what most people make, but if that’s her motive, it’s not a sincere one. I guess her plan is to get in there and expect her staff to teach her what to do. Talk about wasting taxpayer money? That’s just what she would be doing.

    Thursday, Feb 22 @ 1:06 pm
  • Randall Stephens

    Not to mention the massive conflict of interest there would be if Ms. House were to be elected Register of Deeds with her husband being on the Board of Commissioners. Absolutely ridiculous and shameless that they are even doing this.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 10:58 am
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