Bag ban repeal opponents jeer Boswell, others at fundraiser

By on February 23, 2018

Watson Harvey of Manteo blaming Boswell for the bag ban repeal. (Sam Walker)

More than a dozen protesters upset over the repeal of the Outer Banks ban on plastic grocery bags jeered those arriving at a Friday evening fund raiser for Republican state Rep. Beverly Boswell at an oceanfront home in Kill Devil Hills.

The protest was organized by Kill Devil Hills resident Barry Nasch across from the house in the 900 block of South Virginia Dare Trail.

He applied for a permit with the Kill Devil Hills Police Department along the roadside between Baum and Calvin streets, expecting no more than 20 people.


“It’s the first time I’ve ever organized something like this,” said Nasch, noting he didn’t publicize the protest beyond sharing his idea with friends and on Facebook.

A few posts in local Facebook groups also appeared Friday inviting residents to the protest, which started around 4:30 p.m.

Some protesters held campaign placards reading “No Boswell, bad for Dare County,” and others had their own handmade signs.

A few wore large plastic garbage bags, while others had the derided plastic bags and reusable sacks as props. Kill Devil Hills police officers were nearby in their vehicles surveying the scene.

Several passing motorists blew their horns and gave thumbs-ups, and there were no negative confrontations during the first hour.


“Democrats and Republicans have shown they support the plastic bag ban,” Nasch said, adding Friday’s protest was a non-partisan gathering about a non-partisan issue.

Multiple members of the General Assembly were reportedly on the guest list. One who arrived early waved to the jeering crowd after getting out of an SUV with a legislative license plate.

Those who pulled into the narrow driveway in front of the three-level cottage were met with boos, chants and even a few snide comments about supporting, “Bev The Bag Lady.”


Clark Twiddy of Kitty Hawk, a Republican running for N.C. Senate, arrived a short time later, and asked from the other side of the Beach Road what the group was there to protest about.

He responded to a protester’s question that he was there “to learn more” and gather information from those at the fund raiser, which was scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m.

Twiddy talks briefly to the protesters.

At least 30 people had arrived by then, and Boswell arrived a few moments later as a thick fog rolled in.

Boswell introduced a bill last spring to roll back the ban on the use of thin, single-use plastic shopping bags by many Outer Banks retailers, generating a wave of opposition locally and statewide.

She has repeatedly claimed she received threats by phone, email and on social media over the repeal.

Boswell shared posts from Facebook as recently as this week that supporters say should be investigated by authorities.

Her proposal stalled out in the House and was eventually rolled into an omnibus environmental bill co-sponsored by Sen. Bill Cook, R-Beaufort.

That bill passed during a special session of the General Assembly in August, but was vetoed by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. The Republican-controlled legislature voted to override the veto in October.

Boswell faces a primary challenge from fellow Republican Bobby Hanig of Currituck County, and the winner will face opposition in the November general election.

Democrat Tess Judge from Kitty Hawk announced her candidacy on the opening day of the filing period, which concludes Wednesday at noon.


  • Justin

    So many bigger issues on this beach to worry about. This liberal agenda is ridiculous. You all always have to have something to complain about.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 9:50 pm
  • Liz

    Wish I could have been there to support this effort !

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 10:29 pm
  • Melanie Lang

    I am a strong conservative republican, and I will not be voting for Beverly. I will be voting for Bobby Hanig. Beverly has no class, and is unrelatable. She strives for drama and could careless about Dare County. She just wants power. We have looked up her criminal record and she has years of charges and problem. Why hasn’t the OBX Voice reported on this? We gave her a chance once, she proved to be exactly what everyone warned us, a Problem. Dare deserves a true conservative leader. I think Bobby would represent all of Dare well. Folks, get behind him, and send this women home.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 11:14 pm
  • charlie

    Hmmm?……….. I was wondering why there was so much fog….. Now I know…….. There was a fundraiser for a politician going on……

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 5:53 am
  • Michael

    Justin I agree. It’s scary and a little psycho to me with the obsession over plastic bags. Especially since the whole county( which is still surrounded by water ) has never been under the bag law. Just special parts of the county. So hypocritical .

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:15 am
  • Michael

    Imagine just imagine if we spent our time focusing on abused children, the homeless, getting people off drugs in this county?? Imagine what we could do. Instead let’s spend our time and focus marching the streets over plastic bags not being in (parts) I repeat ( parts ) of the county. Come on people. Just stop and think about what’s important . Thanks

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:18 am
  • Patti

    I would say clean beaches are at the top of the list of things to address. That is the top reason we have a thriving tourism industry, our life’s blood here on the OBX. Not sure what Justin’s ‘bigger issues’’ are or if he just likes to slap labels on everyone and everything.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 8:57 am
  • Stephen J McKenna

    I can not believe that any person having an ocean front home would support the Plastic Bag Lady.
    She should be defeated, not re-elected, after her insidious legislation.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 9:13 am
  • Carter McKay

    If clean beaches and oceans were a true concern, then why didn’t you put as much effort into stopping the construction of the mega-mansions as you have in these damn plastic bags? Dare County is a giant septic field surrounded by water. If you don’t think your septic tank and drain field aren’t polluting the very environment you profess to love, then you’re delusional!

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 12:27 pm
  • William Lee

    I want to tell ya folks I am a waterman and spend a lot of time in the sounds in our area. For every plastic bag I see in the water and along the shore line I will see at least 10 of those birthday balloons. Maybe they should be banned too. I would bet anyone out there that most of the trash we see on our beach comes out of the Chesapeake bay. Maybe all you no baggers should bring people together and pick up trash. Compared to the trash that your Thriving tourism brings the plastic bags are minute and for all those voting for Bobby, Please do find him another position so Currituck county can start to heal.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 4:05 pm
  • Seal

    I’m a Republican and the only thing she’s getting from me is the finger !!!

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 4:41 pm
  • Ar-4567

    The only thing Democrats are going to get from me is that finger.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:11 pm
  • AR-4567

    The only thing Democrats are going to get from me is that finger.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:13 pm
  • AR-4567

    It seems like I can’t say anything against a Democrat or it gets deleted.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:22 pm
  • Manteoer

    I haven’t see much from her since shes held her seat. What exactly has she done to improve anything for us. Tell me now.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:29 pm
  • AR-10

    Love me some plastic, paper bag sucks ..kills all the trees..

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 6:35 pm
  • Frank

    What I’d like to know is what the KDH police were doing there monitoring the protest as the article stated. What the hell…did the cops think there was going to be a riot or something? They should be out patrolling for burglars and trying to get the tons of drugs that are here off the island instead of infringing on free speech. What a joke!!

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 8:17 pm
  • Frank

    Outerbanks voice censors any and all comments that the editor doesn’t agree on. We had only stated asking why the police were there monitoring the protesters when they should be patrolling for burglary and drugs. Crime and Drugs on the OBX are rampant but none of the media outlets will say how bad cause they don’t want to affect the almighty tourism dollar. Why were the police there anyhow? We’re they gonna riot? No!!
    What a joke!!!

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 9:24 pm
  • Russ Lay

    Well, here ya go! And if you scroll through the comments, you’ll see why we, and other readers, thought the KDHPD had every reason to be there. Confrontation and “rioting” isn’t the only concern. Censorship? Nah. But sometimes we do trash comments that don’t rise to the level of civil discourse. But this time, we’ll make an exception so the world can see you for what you are–a poser hiding behind a fake name. Rock on grasshopper!

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 11:01 pm
  • Really?

    Awww, look at the wittle bag babies. Should’ve had PLASTIC pacifiers to help with all the crying! Lol! as other people on here stated, a lot more issues in this county that people could put their effort into instead of beating this dead horse. People that have probably never participated in a trash pickup in their lives. I will ask again, can anyone show any proof of any animal killed by a plastic bag in dare county since this nonsense started?? Anyone?? Waiting….. liberal goons seem to have all the time in the world to protest but never any time to do any tangible good on anything. That’s all they know how to do is cry and stomp their feet like a what?? Like a bag baby that’s what! Haha!

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 11:11 pm
  • Really?

    OMG! Really??? I guess ignorance is bliss, look at the person in the one picture, they are protesting plastic bags while wearing a giant lightweight plastic bag!! Folks you can’t make this stuff up. People protesting plastic with their lightweight plastic bag poncho and their plastic drink bottles sitting there by the road and their plastic shoes on. I’m guessing they’re going to drive their gas guzzling SUVs to the “don’t drill” protest also. Hypocrisy knows no limits.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 11:19 pm
  • Bud

    Frank, KDH is not an ‘island’ but part of the Virginia mainland.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 6:10 am
  • Rick

    This isn’t “bipartisan.” It’s a gang of unhinged left-wing kooks still upset Hillary Clinton lost. None of them voted for Boswell and she won anyway.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 9:00 am
  • Really?

    I would like to congratulate everyone for the awesome turn out at the protest. I feel like the six maybe seven people that showed up make it obvious how important it is to the dare county people. NOT!! That’s ALL the people that showed up??? Really? Boy, this must really be a priority for everyone in dare county. What a joke!

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 10:39 am
  • scales of balance

    @Charlie: Best line I have seen in a while!


    Hmmm?……….. I was wondering why there was so much fog….. Now I know…….. There was a fundraiser for a politician going on……

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 5:53 am

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 10:42 am
  • stevejo

    Frank said….”What I’d like to know is what the KDH police were doing there monitoring the protest as the article stated. What the hell…did the cops think there was going to be a riot or something?”

    Because if something happened and the cops weren’t there, then you would be on here asking where the cops were during a protest.

    With the amount of problems that Dare County has, it is truly comical that people would stand on the side of the road protesting a plastic bag.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 10:55 am
  • Russ Lay

    In order to hold the protest, the organizers had to apply for and were granted a permit. Not sure what they are called in KDH, but they are usually referred to as a “crowd-gathering permit.” It seems only prudent, once approved, for law enforcement to be there. You have a political rally on a subject where social media emotions have run high. You have potential confrontations. There is no ability on the part of law enforcement to predict the size of the crowd. And, you have people protesting along a busy thoroughfare where the potential for injury to pedestrians is present. There was nothing sinister about the KDHPD being on site and in fact, it was the right thing to do. Stevejo is correct in his surprise that their presence upset people.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 12:14 pm
  • Nancy Harvey

    In my opinion one of the greatest problems is that an estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. These bags are very dangerous for sea life, especially those of the mammal variety. Any hunting mammal can easily mistake the size, shape, and texture of the plastic bag for a meal and find its airway is cut off. Needless deaths from plastic bags are increasing every year.
    Porpoises are the most common victim. Because they eat sea nettles and jelly fish they are the most likely to mistake the plastic bag for food. If they survive the swallowing of the bag, it is unlikely that they are able to continue with normal digestion and thus eventually die a slow and painful death from toxicity or intestinal blockage.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 12:59 pm
  • DS

    I bet these protestors have a “No Offshore Drilling” bumper sticker on the back of their car and yard sign in their yard. Ironically, both are made of petroleum products.

    “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”
    ― Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 5:57 pm
  • Scott Williams

    Nancy Harvey…..where do you get such a ridiculous number? 300,000,000?
    Give me a break! Three hundred million! Holy crap! Y’all act like everyone saves their bags to throw in the ocean. And while we are on the subject…stop telling everyone what to feed the ducks and turtles! Get a life…seriously

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 7:50 pm
  • More Than Bags

    I applaud my neighbors, especially young folk taking the baton and exercising the right to express opinions and protest as they see it. Regardless if anyone’s position, people taking public action is what so many of our sins and husbands (lately) daughters have engaged harm for
    The Boswell situation is more than plastic bags. She and others need to understand the obligation to respond to the people and consider all positions not just pander to lobbyists and interested $$$$
    Well done neighbors!

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 9:10 pm
  • jean

    I am a Republican and I know of other Republicans that feel that this bag ruling was wrong for the Outer Banks. Our representatives are not listening to anyone that doesn’t agree with them and I will respond at the polls during the primary election.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 9:15 am
  • One of your Neighbors

    Kudos to these folks for getting out there and standing up for what’s right, especially in this climate of hostility. Reading some of the less-than-enlightening comments from “Rick” and “DS” and “Scott Williams” demonstrate how those with little knowledge of the facts feel they can belittle the good people who are doing what is right! Great job by the demonstrators in helping to hold Boswell accountable. She works for us!

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 9:54 am
  • Rick

    The comment about “300 million plastic bags” in “the Atlantic Ocean alone” should illustrate the kinds of wacked out delusional and very paranoid kooks who support the bag ban, like the half dozen protesting Boswell.

    She needs police protection because of the numerous death threats she has received from “environmentalists” who love animals and hate people.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 11:25 am
  • Mattie Lawson

    What is it about letting retailers decide for themselves about what kind of bags to offer paying customers that makes certain people go unhinged? Threatening our duly elected representative like spoiled children is without excuse. Protest, by all means, but be civil about it. If you really want an important issue to protest, something of lasting significance, how about the violent murdering of innocent babies in their mother’s womb – talk about big bucks, the abortion industry makes millions off vulnerable women with few whimpers of concern. Political correctness has skewed our sense of values it seems. GOD knows.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 11:40 am
  • Melissa King

    To be honest, I am worried about the mental well being of these protesters. With everything that is going on in our country, this is really what they decided to protest over??? A plastic bag??? Also, the fact that the ban was only for the beach side of Dare County but not five miles away in Manteo clearly showed the inconsistency of the ban. And was more of reason of why it should of been repealed. Nancy – you live in Manteo. So why didn’t you ever protest for YOUR community to be included in the ban area??? Manteo is on an island surrounded by water……

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 1:45 pm
  • dave

    DS says: “I bet these protestors have a “No Offshore Drilling” bumper sticker on the back of their car and yard sign in their yard.”
    So? And your point is….?
    Mattie Lawson says: “Protest, by all means, but be civil about it.”
    You mean like the White Supremacists protesting in Charlottesville, VA carrying torches chanting “Jews shall not replace us” or “Blood and Soil”? Btw, never knew there was an “abortion industry”. I see you’re pro-birth, but are you pro post-birth? You know, like making sure kids have health care, a roof over their heads, a good education, good nutrition, etc? Since you injected god into this; it seems the religion industry makes billions of $$$$$ vulnerable people.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 2:33 pm
  • Yep

    Good post, Dave.
    And to add most people do not understand the plastic bag issue is also about elected officials who do not listen to, nor respond to their constituents.
    And rather than intelligent discussion, the new normal is to deflect to unrelated issues. Reminds me of the schoolyard in third grade arguing over who gets to ride the swing and there’s the kid who says, “ your mither’s ugly” and the fight ensues. What people forget is while the original two kids are rolling in the dirt, a third simply hops on the swing.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 4:01 pm
  • Really?

    @one of your neighbors, what FACTS did you offer up? Exactly, you offered nothing. Could that be because you have nothing to offer but ridiculous opposition? And what exactly makes you think your stance on this is “right ” please just the FACTS! Rick makes an excellent point of someone coming up with an absurd number like 300 million bags with no FACTS to back it up so call everyone out not just the people you disagree with!

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 4:17 pm
  • Kassandra Heller

    Proud of everyone protesting!!! Wish I was there to help!

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 4:33 pm
  • Rick

    These unhinged leftist radical extremists make the case for her reelection.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 11:38 pm
  • Ben Weber

    I am a Republican, I own a home in KDH, I own guns and I just purchased tickets for the Lee County, NC GOP Gun Raffle…..and I think repealing the plastic bag ban is a bad idea. Does that make me a nut as well?? Does that make me an unhinged leftist radical as well? Knock I my door at 3am…happy to show you my left sidearm.

    Tuesday, Feb 27 @ 5:34 pm
  • NotSure

    Wow, how about protesting something worth a dern? Get a life and stop treading on the grocery sacks.

    Wednesday, Feb 28 @ 4:49 pm
  • Oh lordy

    Left radical extremist name calling over plastic bags!
    Oh lordy how we’ve devolved.
    Not so long ago we were all neighbors, perhaps with different opinions, but neighbors who we’d count on.
    Now seems not so much.

    Wednesday, Feb 28 @ 9:36 pm
  • Skip Jones

    One of the best solutions is to use neither paper or plastic bags. It takes a little time to get used to and remembering, but reusable bags are stronger and often insulated. One trip to the dump, seeing the plastic bags blowing around, and the mountains of trash we create would convince many why we need to recycle and conserve.

    Friday, Mar 2 @ 12:55 pm
  • FemaleVoter

    I #StandWithBev against #UnhingedLeftists. Don’t tread on me.

    Sunday, Mar 11 @ 9:17 am
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