Gasoline on Ocracoke still available at Anchorage Marina

By on January 31, 2018

Marco Garcia helps islander Mike Dalgleish at Anchorage Marina. (Connie Leinbach)

By Connie Leinbach

Ocracoke islanders are not totally without access to gasoline while the gasoline pumps are off at Ocracoke Station, as those wanting to fill up their vehicles can purchase gasoline at the Anchorage Marina.

Ocracoke Station is still open for camping, food and other comestibles.

But the marina has seen an influx of about a dozen customers a day since the gas pumps at Ocracoke Station were shut off on Friday owing to nonpayment of the gasoline bill.

Owners Sean and Laurie Death were hoping to resolve the problem by Tuesday, but plastic bags still covered the six pumps at the island’s only gas station.

“We’re taking it day-to-day,” Laurie said Wednesday morning as she helmed the Ocracoke Station counter.

Meanwhile, William Gilbert, manager of the Anchorage Marina, said they have plenty of unleaded gasoline.

“We have more than 3,000 gallons and can call for more any time,” he said.

Since Friday, more than a dozen locals have filled up daily, and a note on the marina door includes phone numbers people can call to purchase gas while the Ocracoke Station resolves its issues.

Gilbert said the marina, though officially closed for the winter, is open on an as-needed basis for the occasional boaters coming through.

“There are not many boaters this time of year,” he said.

Sean Death had noted on Saturday that the situation goes back to 2016 when flood waters from Hurricane Matthew rose about three feet inside the building.

The Deaths are still awaiting payment for that insurance claim, he said, and since then, continued equipment and structural failures from the flooding damage have resulted.

Islanders and visitors also can obtain gas in Hatteras, Cedar Island and on the mainland. Hyde County Manager Bill Rich said there are four gas stations between Fairfield and Engelhard on the mainland.

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