Ultimate holiday gift guide from the Snob-Free Zone

By on December 14, 2017

By Phil Wayland

Cook or foodie: Outer Banks Olive Oil Sampler Pack

Do you have a great cook or foodie on your list that has been nice this year? Outer Banks Olive Oil’s four- and six-pack samplers are a perfect gift to reward their good behavior.

The sampler packs provide an introduction to the incredible oils and vinegars available in the store.

Each pack is hand selected and can include favorites like Tuscan Herb oil, Sicilian Lemon Balsamic, or any of our 40 different selections.

Recipes are available as well to get your loved one on the path to amazing flavors. Hopefully, that leads to a great meal for you as well!

Wine lover: Coravin & Wine Tote

For the wine lover on your list there are always some fantastic options to make you their favorite Santa.
This year’s hottest wine accessory is the Coravin wine preservation opener.

This amazing tool allows you to pour glasses of wine without actually opening your bottle! This means your entire wine rack is available by the glass every night.

Wine that isn’t poured out of the bottle stays just as fresh as an unopened bottle.

Sample a glass of the high-end bottle you have been saving, have a different wine with each dinner course, and never fret about which wine to have, you can have them all!

For the wine lover on-the-go, the Portovino beach tote carry bag is the way to go.

This stylish tote bag allows you to bring any bottle of wine along with you without the hassle of the bottle.

Reusable and replaceable plastic bags store up to 2 bottles of white or red wine in the tote and dispenses through the discrete pour spout near the bottom.

This tote is the go-to gift for the active wine lover in your life.

Beer lover: Growlerwerks Growler

Maybe your nice list includes some beer lovers as well?

Growlerwerks CO2 powered growler makes an amazing addition to any beer lover’s fridge.

This amazing growler can be filled with beer from one of our 6 rotating craft beer selections in the Chip’s Tasting Room or from retail and brewery locations like any other growler— but it has a magical bonus.

Draft beer can be kept fresh and carbonated at home for several weeks.

Typical growlers require consumption of the beer within a day or the beer becomes flat.

With the Growlerwerks growler, your beer lover can enjoy draft beer in their fridge all the time. Perfect for high gravity beers and enjoying a couple beers at a time.

The system is dual walled for added insulation making it perfect to bring to parties as well.

In addition, carbonated mixed drinks can be prepared and served from the system to add to the fun.

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