Video: Managing coyote conflicts on the Outer Banks

By on December 10, 2017

A workshop on managing and reducing conflicts with the growing population of coyotes was held this past week, hosted by the Town of Southern Shores.

The event included presentations by N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologists on coyote biology and behavior, practical, non-lethal methods to prevent and reduce coyote conflicts, laws and regulations regarding hunting and trapping coyotes, special rules that apply to hunting coyotes in Dare County and a question-and-answer session.


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Friday, Dec 15 8:10 am



Friday, Dec 15 8:09 am

They only eat conservaturd kids when they try to go up an pet them.

southerly neighbor

Tuesday, Dec 12 7:23 am

coyotes or cats, doesn’t matter, they are both non-native predators that affect the natural fauna of the area. the only difference is coyotes came here on the own accord despite crazy cat ladies claims. which gives them the much deserved title of winner! in this day and age of over development and yankee infiltration. Go Coyote git what you can while you can! livin’ the dream on OBX, eatin’ cats and scaring old people!


Monday, Dec 11 9:37 pm

cats eat birds it just their way. fun or food has the same results.


Monday, Dec 11 4:07 pm

wait until one of these predrator coyotes eats a child. retarded libturds in southern shores


Monday, Dec 11 12:46 pm

@mb… do you even know anything about cats? If they are feral, they are not killing for fun, it’s for food. What is hurting our wild bird population is the irresponsibility of hunters and fishermen. Stop using lead shot and clean up after yourselves when fishing. THAT is what is decimating our wild bird population.


Sunday, Dec 10 5:49 pm

Nice to hear that the coyotes are killing the feral cats. The cats here decimate wild bird populations. The cats kill for fun and hurt our local ecosystem. The video was very informative.

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